Hello everyone,

Today in I&S class we talked about the differences between nature and nurture, and some debates about these two topics. Nature is something that is in your genes and nurture is something you are taught. Some examples about nature and nurture would like be the eye colour that people have is most likely to be in their genes and that’s nature. For nurture is like playing a sport, but the good you are it’s probably because you trained very well.

Although there are some similar opinions to mine, there are people out there that disagree. Some people believe that they are very good at sports and they can use their abilities to play only because it comes from their genes. With the same thought that even with training hard will make them be even better than what they are at the moment. On this case, I’ll be honest with my opinion, I believe it could be a mix of both nature and nurture, since they can naturally be good at the sports but with practice they are better.

One of the debates that we discussed in class was about the “gender stereotype” that was shown in the Cambridge study. It was a study about how adults tend to give specific types of toys based on little kid’s gender, what made the experiment interesting was that they switched the babies clothes to the opposite gender without the adults knowing. After that, they handed the kids to adults, they also studied how the kids will react around strangers. Going back with the “gender stereotype” I believe that adults just give toys to their kids based off their gender, which now in days it’s not unfair since society has changed over the years of how the things should or shouldn’t be. Now in days, girl toys have to be more “cute”and “cuddly”, when on the other hand boy toys have to be more architecture wise such as cars or helicopters. As I said before, the society changed how some things have to be, so people have to stick with giving girls the more girly looking toys and more manly toys that are meant for boys.

Luckily, I feel like the environment has been so advance since internet is more used now that the wall of “gender stereotype” is slowly braking apart since men don’t go out to hunt like the old times and women doesn’t stay at home to take care of things. As I mention before, our environment has been so advance that people are getting taught by other things such as the internet. I believe people these days start noticing that their behaviour has a big part from their genetics but also that it can change as simple as it sounds depending on their environment such as friends, family or social media in general. To add an example to be more specific would be like, when you enjoy something it might be because of your genetics but over the time you might not enjoy it as much because of the people that influenced you.