This year, I can confidently agree that i got the opportunity to develop my skills and understanding due to interaction of the field trip in Niigata, Japan. The first days there, we partnered up with our groups for the hike that we were getting prepared for 2 weeks in advance, this not only got me more confident about the whole idea of hiking but also got to talk with new students because of the activities and the hike. Throughout this experience I realized how things can be easily done and quicker by working with others.

During the hike, I really got to learn how to stay positive by working hard when I there were many up/down hills and I got to connect with my teammates with many laughs and funny comments. I believe this hike really showed me how well collaboration can help you enjoy something you are not really used to, in my case it was the hike. Something that I can look back and enjoy is that i was very unfamiliar with the hiking idea and the environment, but right before we left back home, I recognized how much I ended up appreciating the beauty of my surroundings when it comes to nature compared to the typical view of Yokohama.

To conclude, I believe it was an amazing trip that made me figure out new ways to interact with others whilst I enjoyed the beautiful view of nature and took time to settle down and forget about stress,etc.