This year, I can confidently agree that I got the opportunity to develop my skills and understanding due to the interaction on the field trip in Niigata, Japan. The first days there, we partnered up with our groups for the hike that we were getting prepared for 2 weeks in advance. This not only got me more feel more attached to each individual in the group, as well as preparing for the hike. Throughout the interaction with each individual, it helped me realize how easy things can be done as well as enjoying my time exploring the nature that surrounded us.

During the hike, I really got to learn how to stay positive by working hard when I there were many up/down hills, it helped to learn about how staying positive can actually make me enjoy the hike more. As well as connecting with my teammates with many laughs and funny comments which brought up the whole team as one. I believe this hike really showed me how well collaboration can help you enjoy something you are not really used to, in my case it was the hike. Something that I can look back and know how I was very unfamiliar with the activity of hiking and being out in nature, but right before we left back home, I recognized how much I ended up appreciating the beauty of my surroundings when it comes to the environment compared to the typical view of Yokohama. I say that I understood the beauty of life because I am so used to seeing the same architecture every day, and we kind of just forget that before all architecture there was nature, but it is just hidden. I believe that nature life is naturally a category of unique since it changes by the surroundings such as temperature and it does not always stay the same, so enjoying the nature at that stage might be the last time it will be the same looking.

To conclude this experience, I believe it was a fantastic trip that made me figure out new ways to interact with others while I enjoyed the beautiful view of nature. Thanks to this opportunity, I know that enjoying new things can let my mind stay balanced by relaxing but as well as become happier. Overall, it made me feel like a better person by going on the hike due that just being open-minded about going to new places, interact with different people and set my mind free.