Andrew GCD Wilderness reflection

This audio recording is about what we did throughout the 9th grade expedition in Tsunan, Niigata.

-I talk about how this trip allowed us to come together as a community and I reflect on the role, which I play within this expedition.

-I talk about how I changed my attitude towards this type of experience after this expedition, and talk about a few of the skills which I learned.

-I talk about how this wilderness experience has changed me as a person.

Reflection on Dragon days



Designing our project was… Interesting and Exciting
Reasons I liked working with my group Everybody was proactive and enthusiastic about our project. We all helped each other out and we overcame different challenges.
ATL skills that I used well Communication, Organization, Creative thinking, Critical thinking
Great moments along the way When I was able to create a 3d model using sketchup of a secondary turf on the roof.

When the teachers we asked supported our idea and gave us suggestions.

One thing I learned from another group That whales can die by eating garbage that is thrown onto the ground.
Next time, I will Find a way to make an even more realistic model of a secondary turf and hopefully convince the local yokohama community center to let us build higher so we can build this secondary turf.
Something awesome that I contributed Something awesome that I contributed was a 3D realistic looking model of a secondary turf on the roof.