Andrew GCD Community Engagement

In Grade 9, I participated in 2 different service groups, Snow Club and Van der Poel, hoping to be able to make a difference for different kids in Japan. In Snow Club, I went on a trip called, CHILL Japan where we went and taught children who had been affected by the 2011 earthquake how to snowboard. It was truly a joy to be able to make those kids smile and see them learning a skill that we were helping them to learn. We interacted greatly with the kids and this allowed me to learn a lot more about how the different children cope with the losses they may have had back in 2011 and how we can do our best to help them to enjoy life and still have a great time. In Van der Poel, I kept as an active member of the group, however, I wasn’t able to go to every event. One event that I went to was the Christmas party we hosted, where kids came from I think the orphanage¬†(I can’t remember too well anymore) and we allowed them to have a great time celebrating a Holiday in a big group and making it so they can have an enjoyable time. This also allowed me to gain a conceptual understanding of how even doing something that may seem like a common matter to us, can greatly impact the lives of others, even if it is only by a little.

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