Inquriring & Analyzing Reflection

Hi this is Kai, and in class we have been making blogs. I thought that it was really fun to research and design my blog. I have learned that you can change the background and add widgets, headers, footers, and you can change the theme of the page.

 I think you need a blog to share your ideas and work to the world. Having a blog will make it easier to share your work to other people instead of presenting it to them in person. Having a blog will also help you learn more about computers.

 I think the three things that make a good blog are the Links, The Design, and The Title. The links are important because you can make new friends online and you can link their blog. the design is also important because that is what makes a people want to look into your blog more. And lastly the title is important because well who would want to click on a link called “My Blog” I would only click on that by mistake… which happens a lot to me… OK anyways those are the three most important things to make a blog interesting.

 Well I have finished the design of my blog and the title but I am not sure about the links but I will be sure to ask my teacher.

 I would like to learn more about how to do more stuff with the computer and I enjoyed designing my blog and making my blog. Thanks for reading and I hope you didn’t get bored.