My Favorite and my least Tutorial – How to draw a glass of water and how to draw a cartoon pizza

This is my favorite tutorial because at the end he showed what he used so I could make the drawing my self. Also he fast forward the video so his watchers wouldn’t get bored and stop watching (I mean who wants to watch a vedio of a guy drawing for six hours.) right?


Now this is my LEAST favorite tutorial.

This video was not that good because he had a very thick accent of a language (i’m not sure what language) I think he should of added sub titles. Also at some points his hand covered the drawing so I couldn’t see the whole drawing so it was hard to see what he was drawing.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite and my least Tutorial – How to draw a glass of water and how to draw a cartoon pizza”

  1. I think I liked the video on the very bottom one because on the very top one he/she didn’t say anything and the very bottom one he spoke while he was drawing.

  2. The first video of your post is great! At the last part he erased some part that is too dark, and I thought even dough I watch the whole video ‘OMG he can erase the glass of water!!!’
    Umm That was kind of stupid….
    Drawing pizza is great! Yea I agree with you saying the subtitle so I can understand, but I don’t think he knows that his pronouns is bad.

  3. Hi Kai!!
    I like the first video because it looks so real , nice job 😉 is little bit hart to understand but I love the first video so much.
    Well done!!!

  4. It was very interesting the first tutorial was very easy to understand but the second one was very difficult to understand. Because he was not a native speaker and the microphone was very choppy.

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