Design Reflection Developing Ideas

So far in class we have been making a story board for our tutorial that we are going to make and also we learned a bit of how to use I movie. I think that learning new things about I movie was pretty interesting and and it was my first time making a storyboard.

I think my story board met my design specifications because I had a level of difficulty, a good bad comparison, the materials you will need, and right or wrong comparison. I demonstrated my level of difficulty the beginning of the video along with the materials you will need. I also showed the correct kind of shape for your apple outline with good and bad examples.

I think the key features of my tutorial is that it has a list of all the materials you will need and it also has a level of difficulty. Also it has what to do and what not to do. I think that knowing all the materials you will need makes my tutorial a good one because not many tutorials have the materials you will need.

To be able to create my tutorial I will need to learn a few more tricks on I movie like voice over, or how to compare with side by side and all those complicated stuff.

In class I think I enjoyed making my story board the most because it was my first time ever making storyboard and I liked drawing the pictures. I would like to improve on learning more stuff on I movie. Next I want to learn how to do add music from garage band to your I movie.