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In class during this project I thought making the iMovie was fun but challenging because it was my first time doing an individual project in iMovie and I learned a lot of new stuff during this project. Also it was my first time making a tutorial and I think it cam out pretty well.


My design specifications are to have a clear voice, to add wrights or wrongs, to show the materials you need, to show good and bad examples of something, and to have the level of difficulty written in the beginning of the video. I reached my most of my design specifications but I didn’t do wright and wrong because they were too similar to good and bad.


Blogs I commented on : Takumi, Jaehyun, Yuichiro

when I watched the video I learned that in every video there is some space for improvement and that it is hard to make your video perfect. I think also some people spent more time on there intros than their videos but I think that is good because it’s lake a hook in a book, if your intro is good people will want to see more.


A couple of challenges along the way were learning how to use iMovie and now I think I can make more videos because I had lots of friends to help me. Another challenge I had was how to take my video when to take my video. It was hard to find a good place to talk my video from a good angle but I ended up balancing my phone on the edge of a desk it messed me up a little bit because I had a white bar across the top of my video. And it was had to decide when to take my video and that was hard because I am busy almost every day so I don’t have much time to take the video because the video takes LOTS of time.


I learned a lot of stuff during this project like how to use iMovie and I am glad I learned how to use iMovie because in future assignments I will be able to make videos. I learned about iMovie by getting help from lots of my friends now I know how to make my video play backwards or make it slow motion or fast motion. I enjoyed making the story board and plan my tutorial. also I liked drawing my apple but it was a bit challenging to find time to do it. Overall this project was really fun and also it was my last project for this year because the 1st semester is over!

3 thoughts on “Design Tutorial Reflection”

  1. Hello Kai
    I like your video so much I know that you really like to draw and you’re really good but the things that I like are that your voice is really clearly and I like it because is really easy to understand and I like when you explain the materials and when you show the examples but I think you need to improve in talk little bit louder nice job (: .

  2. I like how you first showed the finished product of an apple, the voice was clear and showing the materials.
    I learned how to draw a good apple with a pencil, and I thought you only need eraser, but later I realise that you need the tissue.
    I think you have to think about the fast motion too.

  3. Great job Kai! I can tell you learned a lot because you used so many great editing techniques in your video! I agree that it would have been good to have the camera angle a little bit different, but at least you can see your whole drawing!

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