My name is Kai and my goal was to be a special unforgettable T-shirt designer. My client was Nike in America. I chose Nike because I want my design to be recognized by the world like the wing mark logo on Nike shoes. My first plan was a design with the Egyptian God Anubis in the middle of the motif. But then I thought, it might look like a T-shirt someone bought from the Museum shop! I realized that simple designs are better. Simple is better because it is easier to carve and more pleasant to see. I tried to make my newer design simpler to have more impression. Also the new design had much better interlocking designs that made shapes of their own. I was trying to make a design that is unique and unforgettable. I changed my idea because I am American but not Egyptian. I was trying to create a design that is simple but impressive.


My strength was that I always have lots of ideas so it was really easy for me to brainstorm. I liked putting cultural influence and my personal influence into my motif because it always looked really cool when you could see there was both of the influences mixed together. My weakness was when I was making my design, I couldn’t focus on one design. So as a result I completely restarted my motif because I had thought of a better design.


I used the American flag as my personal influence because I am from America. I always liked the way the American flag looks. I used the American flags stars at the corners of the paper which worked as an interlocking part of the motif. The stripes waving across the sides also interlock. The cultural influence from what I learned in class was the Celtic patterns because I like how lots of celtic patterns weave over and under each other and have mostly overlapping lines. I used overlapping lines from my Celtic cultural influence with some stars and stripes from my personal influence. My creative thinking was how I balanced my positive and negative space. I used darker ink and colored paper to give my pattern a natural look. When I printed it came out just as I had planned.


To next years students, the most important thing that I learned in this unit was to KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Brainstorm carefully before you do anything to your carving plate because you only get one. After you finish drawing, make sure you like it! The design looks better when the space is balanced between negative and positive space. And lastly just as a tip to keep you on track, COME TO OPEN STUDIO. When I restarted my design, I finished carving and test printing in three open studios! So if you stay on track and be focused you can finish quickly. It is a hard and long process, but at the end you will be amazed by what you can make.

Photo on 4-24-15 at 3.33 PM

Rhythm Unit Reflection

The song that we made called “Fry my Chicken” This unit was about rhythm. The goal was to write a song on a piece of paper using proper music notes like half rests whole beats. We had to make the song more exciting towards the end and our group made the song more exciting by adding solos and adding crescendos. there is symbols called piano and forte and those tell whether to play loudly or softly. First we started the song with quarter notes and we added some eighth notes to play with it. I think that when we performed it went okay but I think we could’ve used some more practice time.

Saving The Bees

Did you know that bees are disappearing! According to Natural Resources Defence Council, “Disappearing bees started in 2006. Researchers call the mass disappearance Colony Collapse Disorder, and they estimate nearly one third of all honey bee colonies in the country have vanished.” It is a huge problem and we need to fix it right away! Otherwise we will have no fruits and vegetables. Bees are how food gets on your plate and how you are able to eat broccoli, apples, almonds, grapes, strawberries, pumpkins, onions, soybeans and many many more! Bees are so important because they are one of the most important pollinators in the world! Pollination is when the pollen of one plant touches the stigma of another plant. That fertilises the plant and make fruits and vegetables. Bees disappearing could be a combination of problems. Here are three major problems that could be fixed.

  1. Pesticides: Pesticides are poison to honey bees because when the bee drinks the nectar of a plant that has pesticides, the bee is also drinking poison. To fix this problem, I think people should start buying organic food. I think farmers should stop using pesticides and grow vegetables and fruits naturally. Instead of using pesticide, we can also use animals, such as toads and snakes to eat the pests, which is harmless to the honey bees. Not using pesticides is environmentally friendly and also healthier for people.
  2. Habitat: People should stop disturbing bee habitats. Bees need a safe place with lots of flowers and trees and herbs. People can make gardens for bees. Planting a garden is also good for the environment.
  3. Cellphones: According to Beesfree, “Atmospheric electromagnetic radiation from cell phone towers is interfering with bees’ delicate navigation mechanisms”. That is why the bees can’t return to their hives. On the way back, the bees get lost! People should stop using cell phones. This is the worst idea because nobody can survive without cellphones today. If people spend the same amount of time on their cell phones for gardening, there would be more places for bees to live!



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