Art Unit-3 Reflection

In my portrait’s subject is Jae Hyun. He is a really good friend of mine. In my painting, I tried to express him by what he likes.  The pictorial elements are the basketball and his glasses and the hat he always wears.  I think the glasses and the hat is his symbol. My attempt was to have a punk visual art influence which I found out that it will be a challenge for my portrait. According to Wikipedia “Punk visual art is artwork associated with the punk subculture.  The main aesthetic of punk visual art seems to be to either shock, create a sense of empathy or revulsion, make a grand point with an acidic or sarcastic wit. One characteristic associated with punk art is the usage of letters cut out from newspapers and magazines, a device previously associated with kidnap and ransom notes. “I made my painting look like punk visual art by painting letters in kind of like a cross word puzzle. In punk art, most artists use news paper letters and stick them on the page. My idea for the letters are to make it look like a computer keys because Jae Hyun likes to play on the computer.


For my background, I used two layers of paint. The first layer was with a warm colors like yellow, red, and orange which are analogous colors. This will give a vivid and energetic expression. After drying the first layer, I used white paint to painted over the first coat so I can have the 3D effect and the transparent effect background. It is showing lots of brushstrokes in the background.  I tried to tint the orange color by adding white. The emphasis in my painting is Jae Hyun holding the basketball by using complementary color to stand out, so the viewer’s eyes will focus on it.


My alternative approach for the portrait will be the color and the setting. I would like to use the cold colors to give a calm and soothing impression.  I will draw a person, Jay Hyun in center  with more expressive look and not so much of the background.


I think the meaning of a portrait is determined by the audience. Because when people look at my portrait, they don’t know exactly what I was trying to express or my idea.  If there are ten people looking at my portrait, there will be ten ways of interpretation.  It depends on the culture, age, female or male, background, knowledge etc. All of these will affect their interpretation of the portrait. For example they might think that Jay Hyun is mad because I used a lot of red, and orange. They might think that Jae Hyun is a famous basketball player.