Music Performance Task 2


I found a song from the worksheet and I listened to the song on youtube and thought that it sounded cool. I decided that I would try to play that song. I did a warmup exercise by doing the C scale and it helps me because my song is within the C scale so if I get used to it I can play the piece easily. First I listened to the song over and over again until I got it stuck in my head before I decided to even practice. So I know how the song goes and what the melody like. One way that helped me remember the melody was to sing along with the piano piece so that you can play along with a beat. After I memorised the melody and lyrics I wrote the notes underneath the notes on the sheet of the music so I could read them easily. I wrote down the letters down on the keys on the keyboard so I could find the keys easily and played the keys as the sheet of music said. Then I played the song without the letters on the keyboard. After I memorised the song I tried playing the song over and over again to get the timing and pace correct so it sounded better. I think that I should practice on my piece so that it sounds more smooth and fluent.  Next week I will try adding the other hand to the piece and repeated the steps that I did to get the first hand correct. Then I played both hands together.



Video number 2

I worked on using my left hand with my right hand so my music piece becomes better and sounds more like a full song. The left hand is also between the C scale so I spent time on learning how to do the C scale with the left hand. Once I learned how to do that I practiced first using only the left hand so that I remember all the notes that hand plays and where the hand comes in. Then I would practice using only the right hand. Then I would mix both hands together and play the song. The song right now is not that clean and smooth but I am still practicing on the fluency and that will be the next thing that I will work on. I changed my rehearsal routine one at a time. I will practice that over and over again until i am able to get the song really smooth and with good timing between each note.


Spanish Blog Post 2


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