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Approaches to Learning Skills


Approaches to Learning Skills How did you demonstrate this skill or

what do you want to improve?

Subjects (remember you need to include something from all your subjects) Examples of Work(include the link or write what you will show your parents)
Collaboration I work well together with people for example in PE me and my friends worked well and compromised and thought of good dance moves. I could let other people do some work as well because I sometimes end up doing most of the work. In design I can help make up a creature of something and add both of our ideas. PE, Design
Communication I used communication in music because when we were making our song I had to communicate to add my Ideas and and thoughts. I used communication in spanish when I made my video of what we learned throughout this year. You can see improvement on my communication if you look at the first video and the latest video. Music

Organization I am organised in all my classes because I am always prepared for the classes with all my stuff. All classes
Information literacy In science I was able to use information literacy on my waves lab Because I was able to recognise the parts that we learned about in sixth grade, and clearly show all the necessary things that were needed in that lab. I am able to use information literacy in japanese because I know how to use all the stuff about conjugating or vocab well in japanese. Science

Critical thinking I used critical thinking in I&S because when I ran out of ideas for my comic book I used critical thinking to create more ideas that relate to the subject. I can use critical thinking in english because when I am writing a story I am able to think of new ideas to keep the story going. I&S




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