Humanities. Did The Industrial Revolution Change the World?

I think that the industrial revolution changed the world in many ways. For example the industrial revolution invented mass production. Mass production was a way of making the same exact thing over and over again. There are many other things, like steam engines, ways of communication like the telephone, iron smelting, inventing many ways of energy to power things, etc. With out these things the world would not be the same as today. We could not talk to each other. We would not be able to go places far away from home, etc. A big difference was that factories were invented. People worked at factories to get a stable job, or to feed their family. People started to wake up with clocks and have schedules instead of waking up with the sun and working in farms. There are also some bad thing that came with the industrial revolution. The people that were against factories and the fact that new things were changing, some people started to riot and kill others. There were so many factories being made that the sky and oceans started to become polluted. But although there are many pros and cons about the industrial revolution, I think the the industrial revolution was a very important thing that changed the world and made the world right now what it is.


Analysis 1


CharacterAnalysis 2


Identify the major Action/Gestures (+ their meanings) Fumbling to tie bag, shows frustration. Leans on rock covering face, shows that she is crying. Looks serious and finishes tying bag, to show that she is caught back to normal. Flapping hat as a fan, shows that he is hot. happily tying shoes.
Identify the major Facial Expressions (+ their meanings) Crying Because it shows the whole meaning of the story. Happily tiring shoes because it shows that he is less caring than the girl.
Identify the major Postures (+ their meanings) She grabs and pops up from the log and smiles, it shows that she is better. He lifts her up with one hand to show that he is merry.
Create a Background Story based on the scene I think that they had a fight and they are trying to get along. I think that they had a fight and they are trying to get along.
What actions, gestures or facial expressions could you use in your mime and why? I could cover my face to show that I am crying. If I need to cry. I could smile and do anything to show that I am happy because if you have a big smile people take it as always being happy.

QUIEN SOY Spanish #2

Hola me llamo Kai,


Mi casa está en Yokohama. Yokohama es muy bueno, porque cuando tengo sed puedo correr a una tienda! Cuando tengo sed me gusta beber refrescos y jugos, porque refrescos y jugos son muy deliciosos. No me gusta hacer la tarea, cuando cansado. No soy alto y bajo estoy muy normales también yo es muy inteligente. Mi familia es mi padre y mi madre y yo. Mi familia es muy aburridos porque mi madre es siempre enojado, cuando mi madre enojado, ella es muy miedo. Pero cuando mi madre es simpático, ella es muy fabulosa.  Mi casa es muy pequeña, pero tengo aro de baloncesto. Me gusta hago baloncesto porque baloncesto es muy divertido y interesante. Me gusta fútbol, fútbol es muy dificil cuando tengo triste. Me gusta comer pizza, patatas fritas cuando soy es triste porque pizza y patatas fritas muy delicioso. Dieta de mi madre y padre es muy nutritiva. Mi dieta es muy malo. Soy de Japón y Estados Unidos, mi padre es de Estados Unidos y mi madre es de Japón. Me gusta comer comida japanesa cuando yo soy en Estados Unidos, me gusta comer comida americana cuando yo soy es en Japón.