Spanish Unit 3 Reflection

During this unit I learned many things. For example I have gotten into new study habits, a couple of days before a test I usually go over this units vocabulary and the notes that we had taken in class. I find this very helpful. I now know how to use comparisons, how to do math in Spanish, and I also know now how to use and conjugate question words. I now wonder and want to learn how to pronounce my Spanish R and how to roll my tongue. This I was very happy with my grades, so my goal for next unit is to be able to keep this up.

Child Labor Sam Washington

Sam Washington was a young child and growing up he worked in their family farm. He lived on the countryside of Britain. There was not much to do but have the rare chance of education he got in school. As he got older the more intelligent he got, compared to the kids around. The education he got from the wealth of his loving father, did him well and he started his own business in factories.  His dreams of his business got bigger and bigger till it increased to around the whole city. His factory became more and more populated and powerful. Over time he started to expand his business, his company became populated all over Britain. Sam Washington believes that his company is helping the world become a better place. “The children that work at the factory should be grateful for my help. They would be left to rot in a small room if not for me. They also get three decent meals a day that is very expensive. I am very proud about what I have done to the world.” Said Mr. Washington

Empathy Map

Playing The Blues



This is the medium challenge, it was not in shuffle, and it was a mix of the C scale blues and the F scale blues, as well as the G scale blues all connected.

This  (easy challenge) is the same one as the one above but is the simple version. instead of playing the C chord I played just the key.

I played the medium challenge but I played it in staccato  shuffle this time.

I played the easy challenge and and played it in shuffle staccato and shuffle.


I plan on practicing constantly and to work on using both hands at the same time. The blues scale is simple and the the idea of the C, F, or G scale. I just need to work on practicing the base line for the blues.

Mime Scene Reflection

Our group was Hayden, Salone, Risa, and I. I think that we used space well. We used space by entering from the side of the stage and by moving around a lot during the pice. For example when we boarded the plane or when Salone got the drink cart and walking down the middle aisle. My group interacted with each other a lot, for example when we got the drinks from Salone or when I got mad at Hayden for taking my phone away. I think that our mime was believable. but could of bean a little bit more precise. For example when I put my bag in the over head compartment and when I took it out, the over head compartment wasn’t in the same place.