Spanish Blog Post Friend Coming to Japan

Hola Jeff,

Me llamo Kai. Yo vivo en Japón. Ahora Japón es muy frío, usted debe traer un abrigo y el guantes. El tradicional ropa de Japón es el kimono. Un kimono es muy popular en Japón. Tu no tienes el kimono, yo tengo dos kimonos. Tu tienes kimono? Un kimono es azul, y un kimono es rojo. A veces, en Japón es muy calor. Usted debe traer las gafas de sol, la camiseta, pantalones corto, y un sombrero. Usted debe traer ropa de invierno porque Japon poder muy frío. El tiempo de Japón es muy extraño, a veces calor, y a veces frio. Cuando el tiempo es muy calor me gusta nadar. Siempre traer un traje de baño, porque yo tengo uno traje de baño. Mi traje de baño es muy bein, mi traje de baño es azul y amarillo. Hasta luego!

Searched words: debe traer, extrano, a veces.



Censorship is a way of banning things from people, You can censor things from letters to books, to movies and much more. Censoring is banning a thing from a lot of people like a town or the world. In this unit I learned that censoring is controlling our world and that you can censor almost anything. At first I thought that censoring was just a thing to stop someone at looking at something and that’s all. But and the and of the unit I now know and think that censorship is a thing used to control the thoughts and beliefs of other individuals and large amount of people. The use of censorship can affect our daily lives. For example if i was watching the NEWS this morning and it said that there was an accident in Tokyo that destroyed buildings and killed many people I would be in a bad mood for the rest of the day, but if the NEWS censored the text and said that people were hurt and there was a startle in Tokyo I might be in a happier mood for the rest of the day.

Drama Alien Speech Reflection

For my speech I think that I did quite well. We were trying to work on voice modulation, posture, and content. Modulation is a type of speech that uses (volume, pitch, pace, pause, projection, emphasis and inflection). Physically is a type of speech (posture, gesture, facial expression; use of palm card). Lastly we tried to focus on content, which is a mix of (posture, gesture, facial expression; use of palm card).

I think that I used some voice modulation and posture. I was not swaying as much as I usually do, this time I was more steady and a bit less swaying. My palm cards were not that big so that the audience was not so distracted and well as I could see the palm cards fine. I think that I showed good examples and used the audience properly by asking them and ending up being correct. I think my best skill was my voice modulation because I think that that is what makes a speech good and what made my speech good. I think I should work on my swaying when I talk because I tend to do that when I talk in front of people. I think that Hayden’s speech was well done because he had no swaying and had modulation and expression in his voice.