Drama Folktale John Henry

Task: Rewrite the story as a blog post in a series of major plot points. Perhaps the story could be divided into at least six major events, but there could be more. Make a list of the key characters that are essential to the story.

I will be doing the story of John Henry, the story is from America.

1-John Henry was born in the 1940’s.

2-Starts digging holes for railroad.

3-John Henry becomes best in the land.

4-New drilling machine comes and challenges him.

5-John Henry beats the new drilling machine.

6-Dies from a brain vessel popping.

The moral of the story is that you should never give up and always try your hardest for something you love.

Main Characters: John Henry, Sales man, Town people.



Spanish Unit 4 Reflection

My studying habits this unit were to start practicing before the test on my vocabilary, and learning to read the TSC to understand what I am going to be graded on. I now understand how stem changing verbs work, lots of new vocabulary, and how to discribe people. (for example what they are wearing or what they look like.) I think that reviewing my vocal before a test helped me the most this unit. It made it easier to comprehend the text and answer with detail. My goals for next unit is to learn lots of new vocal and how to use yo-go verbs.

Drama DIY Show Reflection

In drama I did a DIY show, and during this speech, my partner, Hayden and I focused on these three things. How we targeted the audience (old, young, teenager), our equipment and resources, and lastly, our procedure.

My group I think targeted the audience well. Our audience was a bunch of teenagers and we used sayings like “when you were younger, or catchy sayings” to catch their attention.

We organised our equipment and listed the equipment before we started, so that the people that are watching can easily keep up. We could of maybe improved on were we were going to add our facts because there weren’t many places to put them in. We could plan that out next time beforehand.

I think our groups procedure was great, we used lots of time words, for example next, first, last etc. We had more than two facts put into our speech to keep people interested, and we used our voice and body productively by standing still and protecting our voices.

I think I did well on trying not to move or sway when I am presenting. Before I used to sway a lot when I was talking but now I am getting better at not moving as much when I am on stage. My best skill was knowing the steps of the process throughly. I had been making the ninja star for a long time and I had memorized the instructions by heart.

I think I could work on my swaying when I am on stage. Even though my swaying is getting better, there is still room for improvement. I was swaying a little bit and that could of taken away the audiences attention away from the main idea.

I liked Risa’s and Yoshie’s DIY show because when they started their tutorial, that clearly stated what the video was going to be about and what you can do with the product.