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Drama Folktale John Henry

Task: Rewrite the story as a blog post in a series of major plot points. Perhaps the story could be divided into at least six major events, but there could be more. Make a list of the key characters that are essential to the story.

I will be doing the story of John Henry, the story is from America.

1-John Henry was born in the 1940’s.

2-Starts digging holes for railroad.

3-John Henry becomes best in the land.

4-New drilling machine comes and challenges him.

5-John Henry beats the new drilling machine.

6-Dies from a brain vessel popping.

The moral of the story is that you should never give up and always try your hardest for something you love.

Main Characters: John Henry, Sales man, Town people.



Drama DIY Show Reflection

In drama I did a DIY show, and during this speech, my partner, Hayden and I focused on these three things. How we targeted the audience (old, young, teenager), our equipment and resources, and lastly, our procedure.

My group I think targeted the audience well. Our audience was a bunch of teenagers and we used sayings like “when you were younger, or catchy sayings” to catch their attention.

We organised our equipment and listed the equipment before we started, so that the people that are watching can easily keep up. We could of maybe improved on were we were going to add our facts because there weren’t many places to put them in. We could plan that out next time beforehand.

I think our groups procedure was great, we used lots of time words, for example next, first, last etc. We had more than two facts put into our speech to keep people interested, and we used our voice and body productively by standing still and protecting our voices.

I think I did well on trying not to move or sway when I am presenting. Before I used to sway a lot when I was talking but now I am getting better at not moving as much when I am on stage. My best skill was knowing the steps of the process throughly. I had been making the ninja star for a long time and I had memorized the instructions by heart.

I think I could work on my swaying when I am on stage. Even though my swaying is getting better, there is still room for improvement. I was swaying a little bit and that could of taken away the audiences attention away from the main idea.

I liked Risa’s and Yoshie’s DIY show because when they started their tutorial, that clearly stated what the video was going to be about and what you can do with the product.

Drama Alien Speech Reflection

For my speech I think that I did quite well. We were trying to work on voice modulation, posture, and content. Modulation is a type of speech that uses (volume, pitch, pace, pause, projection, emphasis and inflection). Physically is a type of speech (posture, gesture, facial expression; use of palm card). Lastly we tried to focus on content, which is a mix of (posture, gesture, facial expression; use of palm card).

I think that I used some voice modulation and posture. I was not swaying as much as I usually do, this time I was more steady and a bit less swaying. My palm cards were not that big so that the audience was not so distracted and well as I could see the palm cards fine. I think that I showed good examples and used the audience properly by asking them and ending up being correct. I think my best skill was my voice modulation because I think that that is what makes a speech good and what made my speech good. I think I should work on my swaying when I talk because I tend to do that when I talk in front of people. I think that Hayden’s speech was well done because he had no swaying and had modulation and expression in his voice.

Mime Scene Reflection

Our group was Hayden, Salone, Risa, and I. I think that we used space well. We used space by entering from the side of the stage and by moving around a lot during the pice. For example when we boarded the plane or when Salone got the drink cart and walking down the middle aisle. My group interacted with each other a lot, for example when we got the drinks from Salone or when I got mad at Hayden for taking my phone away. I think that our mime was believable. but could of bean a little bit more precise. For example when I put my bag in the over head compartment and when I took it out, the over head compartment wasn’t in the same place.


Analysis 1


CharacterAnalysis 2


Identify the major Action/Gestures (+ their meanings) Fumbling to tie bag, shows frustration. Leans on rock covering face, shows that she is crying. Looks serious and finishes tying bag, to show that she is caught back to normal. Flapping hat as a fan, shows that he is hot. happily tying shoes.
Identify the major Facial Expressions (+ their meanings) Crying Because it shows the whole meaning of the story. Happily tiring shoes because it shows that he is less caring than the girl.
Identify the major Postures (+ their meanings) She grabs and pops up from the log and smiles, it shows that she is better. He lifts her up with one hand to show that he is merry.
Create a Background Story based on the scene I think that they had a fight and they are trying to get along. I think that they had a fight and they are trying to get along.
What actions, gestures or facial expressions could you use in your mime and why? I could cover my face to show that I am crying. If I need to cry. I could smile and do anything to show that I am happy because if you have a big smile people take it as always being happy.