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Alone Story


Noah woke up to an erie silence as the beam of sunlight shone through his dark and cramped room and not the usual noise of his mom yelling for him to wake up. He sat up in his bed and thought for a second, after a while he stood up and loudly said “mom!” he was answered by the echo of his voice going out of his window in the empty streets of New York. He slowly creped down his creaky stairs. When he got down the stairs he expected to see his mom making breakfast but sadly he saw no such thing he poured some cereal but when he opened the fridge to pour his milk but the milk was warm and smelly. He ran up stairs and tried to turn on his phone all he saw was a black screen he went down stairs again and then he ate dried cereal and got dressed and went outside.
After awhile he came back home from looking at empty streets and shattered windows of the stores in times square he plopped down on his couch and when he sat down a cloud of dust surrounded him and he broke into a series of coughs. then outside he heard the sound of garbage can topps opening and closing as is someone was looking for something he grabbed his kitchen knife and went to the door and yelled “who’s there?!”
Little less intimidating the he thought it would in his head. Then a boy about his age jumped out of the cover of the trash cans and was just as scared as noah was he said in a shaky voice “Ahh zombie!“
Then Noah assured him that he wouldn’t hurt him. Noah asked about why he said zombies and the boy told him slowly and explained how they drove him out of his own town and how they come out at night and kill everyone they see.
that night Noah couldn’t sleep as he heard the groaning and the strange noises as the zombies walked around in the night and every once in a while he would hear a piercing scream and the would stop short and then after another while another scream. slowly but surely Noah drifted of to sleep.
The next morning the same thing as usual happened but when Noah and the boy went out to look for survivors the boy whispered to Noah to come here and they quietly peeked around the corner there was a purplish pale skinned man slowly walking around groaning Noah gesped and as soon as Noah gasped the pale man turned his head one hundred and eighty degrees around and stared at them with empty eye sockets and ran towards them.