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After The Hike (Caring)

So after a long three hour hike in the rain soaking wet what would you do? Take a shower get changed and sleep in a nice dry bed right, right…! Wrong. After the three hour hike through the cold and wet forest, we finally came back to camp. When we got to camp I headed straight to the boys luggage room and sat by the fire in my wet shoes, pants, and shirt. I sat next to the heater, letting the heat to dry my clothes but only a bit. Then we ate dinner and after that we went to our cold tents with wet floors. And when my roommates came in I thought I was in the wrong tent because all of the people that were in my tent were not who I had asked for!!! Later when we were going to bed, I heard one of my friends complaining about the same issue as mine. So eventually I asked my teacher if we could switch rooms and he said yes. Thankfully there were my friends and we played cards. But there were no showers so I had to sleep shivering in wet cloths and having a allergic reaction to the mildew in the tent. But don’t worry, after that things got a lot better.

I think that my friend and I were CARING for each other because we switched our tents for each other.

The Bus Ride

On the way to field studies we rode on a bus it was 6 hours long! Can you believe it! So in short this is what I did I played card games I played on my phone, I broke my phone, and I talked to my friends. So heres how it went I got on the bus with my mom waving at me from outside the bus window and we pulled away and I put my earphones in. I listened to music for about thirty minutes. Then when we stopped for snack I chatted with my friends for a while then we got back on the bus and I went to play uno with my friends at the back of the bus but after that I sat down and guess what inside my backpack my water had spilled and I quickly grabbed my phone and my digital reader from my bag and started banging them on the seat and desperately hoping that they would work and then I handed my phone to my friends and my online reader to my friends and they got my phone to work but it had spots of water all over the screen and and my online reader well at that moment it wasn’t working but later I threw it at a wall and it started working. Anyways since I talked on the bus and talked to my friends and made new friends and learned new stuff about my friends I think I was a COMMUNICATOR.

Field Studies-Canoeing

At field studies we all were split into groups one group went to the climbing course and my group went canoeing and I thought it was going to be easy to get on the boat because it was wider and shorter. But I thought it would be stable but I was un-lukey. By doing this I was a RISK TAKER because the water was FREEZING so if I fell in the water it would feel good. Anyway after I paddled for a while I got the hang of it and later we played canoe soccer over the water with a croc as a ball.