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InS Gapminder Compare and Contrast (Nigeria and Saudi Arabia)

I was wondering about why neighbouring countries such as Nigeria and Saudi Arabia have such a difference in wealth, life expectancies etc.screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-12-05-19-pm

If you look at this picture (Nigeria in blue and Saudi Arabia in green.) You can see how far the countries are from each other in terms of health and wealth.

Let’s take a look and compare the two countries. In Saudi Arabia, the development rate is much higher than Nigeria’s because it has lots of natural resources mostly oil. Saudi Arabia produces eighteen percent of the world’s petrol and oil. Giving the country wealth and more money to the workers that can be used for health causes. Giving the country better health and wealth. While on the other hand Nigeria has some petrol but not as much as Saudi Arabia also has many important metals that we use in our daily devices. Nigeria also produces natural gas. The oil and gas portion accounts for 35 percent of the gross domestic product.

In terms of birth rate in both countries, there is 2.70 births per woman on average in Saudi Arabia, and in Nigeria there is 6.00 births per woman average. The death rate of children in Nigeria is much higher compared to most of the world because the country has a quite high population of around 180 million people, but also because the country is poor and the health care/ child care, medicine is not so good. While Saudi Arabia has less child death rate because of a better government and more wealth and medicine.

As said earlier, the birth rate of the average woman in Nigeria if 6.00 and in Saudi Arabia it is 2.70. These numbers are different for economical reasons and for religious reasons. For example in Nigeria it might be necessary to have that many kids in order to be able to do the work around the house or earn money. But in Saudi Arabia, it might not be so important for a family to many kids.

In Nigeria the infant death rate is much higher than Saudi Arabia’s at a staggering 117 per 1000 children. While in Saudi Arabia is at 16 deaths per 1000. This is because of how rich the government is and the health care/ medicine that they can afford.

The GDP in Saudi Arabia and in Nigeria have a big difference even though they are neighbouring regions. The GDP in Nigeria is 3005.51 USD and the GDP in Saudi Arabia is 25.961.81 USD. This shows how rich the government is and how good their care and medicine is for their citizens. This big change in wealth might be because of the natural resources and the if population the is taking up all of the jobs and resources from the other poorer half of the country.

The HDI in Nigeria is 0.514 as of 2014 and the HDI of Saudi Arabia is 0.837. These numbers could differ or change for many reasons such as wealth and money problems, lack of resources, or wars and illnesses. Since the HDI is a combination of many indicators mixed together if any one of those factors are in a bad state everything changes.

Life expectancy is a big role in how we see the a county and often describes what the country is like. The life expectancy of Nigeria for men is 53.4 years and for woman it is 55.6. This is a low number for a country compared with other countries such as japan with 83.10 years average between men and women.


This is because of the diseases that spread and how people in Nigeria are not available to clean water and clothing. Since most of the country is poor there is usually not enough money to get proper treatment. But in Saudi Arabia the life expectancy is 75.71 for women and 73.03 for men. This might be because of the technology and wealth of each individual and the government. The government provides healthcare and has enough technology to be able to fix most sicknesses.

The literacy rate in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia have very different numbers. In Saudi Arabia 97 percent of the youth total number of children can read and write. While in Nigeria only 66 percent of all the youth children can read and write.


This could be because of where the children live and the amount of space they have to overcome to get to a school with or without transportation. In Nigeria only 31 people out of 1000 have a motor vehicle and that would make it tough to get to school if there is not one near by. While in Saudi Arabia it is 336 motor vehicles per 1000 people.

I&S Grade 8 Unit 1 Reflection

Q: What ways have I gotten better at this type of work?

A: I think I have gotten better at doing my research when it comes to writing essays. Instead of using just Wikipedia or the first link google gives me I am able to look deeper into websites and find their sources and find good sites from there.

Q: Did I Meet my Standards?

A: I think I met most of my standards but one thing that I could work on is my length of the essay. My essay was a bit shorter than what I planned it to be so for next time I would like to learn how to expand on some of my topics. But I think I did well on having lots of details and examples in my essay.

Q: Did you do your work the same way other people did theirs?

A: I think my work was a bit diffrent from other peoples because most people did an infographic or poster and only about three people did essays. I chose an essay format because it is the way of working that I am most familiar with. Next time I do a project like this I will try to be more open minded and try to make a poster or an infographic. I think my project would of been a bit more exiting if I had made a poster or infographic.

Q: What do you want to improve on?

A: I  would like to improve on being able to get as much work done in class as possible by not fooling around with friends. Also learn how to manage my time at home. I had to finish my work on the last class that we had before we turned it in, so it was a bit of a rush. Next time I would of liked to finish my project before the last class of when its due.

Link to Essay:

What Would Happen to America if there was no Religion?

Child Labor Sam Washington

Sam Washington was a young child and growing up he worked in their family farm. He lived on the countryside of Britain. There was not much to do but have the rare chance of education he got in school. As he got older the more intelligent he got, compared to the kids around. The education he got from the wealth of his loving father, did him well and he started his own business in factories.  His dreams of his business got bigger and bigger till it increased to around the whole city. His factory became more and more populated and powerful. Over time he started to expand his business, his company became populated all over Britain. Sam Washington believes that his company is helping the world become a better place. “The children that work at the factory should be grateful for my help. They would be left to rot in a small room if not for me. They also get three decent meals a day that is very expensive. I am very proud about what I have done to the world.” Said Mr. Washington

Empathy Map

Humanities. Did The Industrial Revolution Change the World?

I think that the industrial revolution changed the world in many ways. For example the industrial revolution invented mass production. Mass production was a way of making the same exact thing over and over again. There are many other things, like steam engines, ways of communication like the telephone, iron smelting, inventing many ways of energy to power things, etc. With out these things the world would not be the same as today. We could not talk to each other. We would not be able to go places far away from home, etc. A big difference was that factories were invented. People worked at factories to get a stable job, or to feed their family. People started to wake up with clocks and have schedules instead of waking up with the sun and working in farms. There are also some bad thing that came with the industrial revolution. The people that were against factories and the fact that new things were changing, some people started to riot and kill others. There were so many factories being made that the sky and oceans started to become polluted. But although there are many pros and cons about the industrial revolution, I think the the industrial revolution was a very important thing that changed the world and made the world right now what it is.

I&S minecraft house

My biome is tundra and a tundra is a biome that has lots of snow. it is very cold and has a lot of mountains. It is diffrent from all the other biomes because the tundra biome can only be found in the far north of the far soulth.

It is diffrent from other biomes because it is snowy and is usulay large. A tundra has anamils they are adapted to the climate by haveing white fur to blend in with the snow and they mostly eat meat since there is not much grass.

tis biome is found in antartica and in greenland. In antartica there is no people liveing there exep for sientests recarching other than that there are no people liveing there. in green land there are more people liveing there than antartica, but not many people. I think there are more people in greenland because it is closer to a bigger more popular country as to antartica is just a big island in the middle of nowhere.

There are native people that lived in the tundra biome and the people that lived there invented something called the igloo. The people that made the igloo are like the native americans in america they used the natural rcorces wich in the tundra is snow and ice and they made igloos!

Igloo - building with water crystals in ...

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 11.50.32 AMScreen Shot 2015-01-16 at 11.54.05 AM

this is my house that I made to fit the tundra biome, it has stilts to keep the house from getting wet when the snow melts. The windows are small on the house so the heat dosn’t escape easly from the windows. Also the roof is slanted so the snow can fall of easly and this house dosn’t have this feture but the house should be small so one fire can heat up the whole house.