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Science Can We Grow Food on Mars?

People are planing to move to mars at some point in time, a large problem that people face is that they don’t know how to grow their own food supply  I will suggest two problems and decide witch one is the best choice.

My first suggestion is to bring many trees, for example apple trees or a cherry tree. The trees grow food, as well as oxygen. Humans eat food and produce carbon dioxide. If the trees are in an area where it is closed and where a human is, there will be a balance for a supply of oxygen and food.

My second idea was to bring a life time of food for hundreds of people so that they will never run out. They could do this by flying many rockets and filling them with food. They should have enough food for until they learn how to grow food there.

My third idea was to create a soil filter and filter all the un formidable chemicals from the soil on mars. So over time there will be a big place where people can plant food.

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Eye Dissection Photos

1)IMG_0009 22)IMG_00083)IMG_00044)IMG_00175)IMG_0018 (1)

In the first photo of the eye direction you can see the cornea and the sclera.

In the second photo you can see the optic nerve.

In the third photo you can see the pupil and the iris.

In the fourth photo you can see the retina.

In the fifth photo you can see the lens.


We are all using devices such as iPhones and other high technology devices and it is helping us to do our things in our daily life. In fact, we can’t even imagine how the world would be without those devices. We all rely on the high tech, working, studying,  listen to  the music and play games on computers. But sadly, many people don’t know (I did not know), that on the other side of the world, people are being killed and being harmed because of this.  It is called “Conflict Minerals”.  Every time we buy a device, for example iPhone, iPad, or laptop, people in Congo are working at gun-point, with life threats, and physical force in the worst work conditions.

The main material used to make these devices, is know as “conflict minerals”:  3T and gold. 3T’s are Tantalum, Tin, and Tungsten.  I will focus on gold and tin and how it is used in devices. Tin is used in your device as the solder for the circuit board. Without tin, your device wouldn’t be able to function. Gold is a good conductor that lets the image on your screen be able to move or turn on. They are able to use other conductors but it would not be as good because your phone would always be slow, even with wifi.

I am against iPad program at YIS. To be honest, I don’t think we need it.  We are not using for the maximum usage of the device.  It is nice to have for playing games or listening to the music.  But it is all I really use it for.  After learning about ” conflict minerals” in Congo, I feel guilty of using it for my entertainment.  It is hard to believe that “Government troops and armed groups in Congo fight to control mines and smuggling routes, murdering and raping civilians to fracture the structure of society”, for the iPhone or any other device which you take it for granted. Just from our school, with lots of laptops and iPads, I can’t imagine how many people’s lives are sacrificed in Congo.

Where is that money going from these minerals? The money is not going to the miners, or the porters. The money is going to bad people that use the money for personal use and for more ammunition and weapons to maintain their control over the people. The money that the bad people get is used to buy weapons, bombs, and drugs. There is a total amount of 5.4 million deaths to pay for this.

We can change the technology used at YIS by sharing iPads. My idea is to have our own SIM card but share iPads so that when we want to access our data, we can just put the SIM card in and we can use it! This way, we can reduce the number of iPads devices.

Raise awareness of conflict mineral is something I can do. I can tell my friends or family about it.  At least now I know what is iPhone made of, my iPhone which is casually sit in my pocket has a lots of meaning to it,  sacrifice, law enforcement, human life….  my iPhone feels heavier after learning about conflict mineral.

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Saving The Bees

Did you know that bees are disappearing! According to Natural Resources Defence Council, “Disappearing bees started in 2006. Researchers call the mass disappearance Colony Collapse Disorder, and they estimate nearly one third of all honey bee colonies in the country have vanished.” It is a huge problem and we need to fix it right away! Otherwise we will have no fruits and vegetables. Bees are how food gets on your plate and how you are able to eat broccoli, apples, almonds, grapes, strawberries, pumpkins, onions, soybeans and many many more! Bees are so important because they are one of the most important pollinators in the world! Pollination is when the pollen of one plant touches the stigma of another plant. That fertilises the plant and make fruits and vegetables. Bees disappearing could be a combination of problems. Here are three major problems that could be fixed.

  1. Pesticides: Pesticides are poison to honey bees because when the bee drinks the nectar of a plant that has pesticides, the bee is also drinking poison. To fix this problem, I think people should start buying organic food. I think farmers should stop using pesticides and grow vegetables and fruits naturally. Instead of using pesticide, we can also use animals, such as toads and snakes to eat the pests, which is harmless to the honey bees. Not using pesticides is environmentally friendly and also healthier for people.
  2. Habitat: People should stop disturbing bee habitats. Bees need a safe place with lots of flowers and trees and herbs. People can make gardens for bees. Planting a garden is also good for the environment.
  3. Cellphones: According to Beesfree, “Atmospheric electromagnetic radiation from cell phone towers is interfering with bees’ delicate navigation mechanisms”. That is why the bees can’t return to their hives. On the way back, the bees get lost! People should stop using cell phones. This is the worst idea because nobody can survive without cellphones today. If people spend the same amount of time on their cell phones for gardening, there would be more places for bees to live!



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We should Insulate buildings in the really hot places or really cold weather because if they need to heat or cool the house it will be using less energy and saving the owner of the house money. We might not need to insulate some houses that are a comfortable temperature all year long because the more we use the air conditioner we are using lots of energy and that is bad because it costs a lot and if everybody used to much energy there wouldn’t be much left to use. If I had to insulate YIS the bad thing is it will cost a lot of money to get insolation for a large because isolation isn’t cheap. But it would be energy efficient and save us energy and would keep us students cool during the summer and warm during the winter. So the good thing is that it would keep you warm and cool but the bad thing is that isolation costs a lot of money and time.

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