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Hi I am Kai and I’m half Japanese and half American I was born in america and now live in japan.

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I go to YIS (Yokohama International School) and I think YIS is fun and a great place to learn. The reason I came to japan was because I love the food here and there are so many fun places to visit like Izu where there are giant sand mountains and light blue clear water with white sand
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Some of the sports I play are basket ball, swimming, and outrigger canoeing. I love to ride on those boats and I can’t wait until outrigger camp and for camp guess what we go to Izu!!! for 4 days and 3 nights!!! In the summer we paddle and we even flip the boat over on purpose! But in the winter we have to run a lot because  the water is too cold (uh I hate running…). I really wanted to go on the school basket ball team but I am too busy with homework and all my other sports but I practice during recess.

I got this here

Anyways please check out my blog and see if you like it!!!

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