Nature VS. Nurture – Individuals & Societies

The Nature VS Nurture debate has troubled Psychologists many decades. through our discussions in class with additional information delivered to us in the form of documented researches, it is clear even now people have trouble determining which is the dominant influence within our lives as humans. However, I believe that The dominant influence is our nurtured doings, here are my reasons.

Giving our genetic some credits, in terms of physical exercise, it is much more than a stereotype that African Americans have advantages over a lot of others. This is because during the ages of slavery, the slaves had to be the best of the best to survive – a form of selective breeding. Most of the professional athletes were born with more physical potential than those like myself. If two individuals go through the same amount of training, the one with more potential will always be on top. That is only if the talented has a strong mind set in terms of working hard.

Through our homework, we are also able to determine that in this community, our interests aren’t affected majorly by the people around us (although this might not be the case for other communities) therefore making your interests a natural phenomenon. Sadly, you will not be known for ¬†what you like, but you will be remembered by what you are good at (therefore making your identity nurtured). We don’t have control over our identity, the public does. What you are best at will be your identity.


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