Poisons on Mars

One of the issue of living on Mars is there are poisons all around Mars. One type of poisons in Mars is the poison from the dust of the Mars surface. The dust are not suitable for humans and it is called the dry iron oxide dust. This type of dust can be found on the rust of an old car. If humans breath in the dust, it may cause suffocation. The other type of poison on Mars is the carbon dioxide. In Mars, they don’t have oxygen like how we have it here on Earth. Humans can’t survive on Mars because of the carbon dioxide produced. The air here on Earth is oxygen which is the one us humans breath in.

One way for a human to live on Mars is to wear space suit. The space suit may produce some oxygen for humans and that can keep them stay alive. Space suit may be a good option for humans if they want to live on Mars. Another solution for humans to live on Mars is to maybe have a lot of plants planted on Mars. Since the air on Mars is carbon dioxide, plants could survive up there. Plants needs carbon dioxide to stay alive and by using carbon dioxide plants can go through the process of photosynthesize. Photosynthesize is the process where plants make their own food. It is when plants uses solar to make glucose. It is also when plants uses carbon dioxide and water to make oxygen for us human to breath. On Earth, plants receive carbon dioxide from the air that humans breath out. That way we can live on Mars and maybe have a second possible place for human to live in.

Between those two solution, I think the one that could be the best for us is to plant a lot of plants that could maybe survive the extreme Mars weather or maybe plants that could survive any of the Mars situations. The reason why I think that this is the best solution is because I think this way, we could make Mars more like earth with more plants. I think that this could help with the environmental issue because now on earth, there are problems where people are cutting down too much trees to make new and improved architecture. Maybe if we plant more plants on Mars people would think twice that we need to take care of the lovely Earth nature. That way humans will stop cutting down trees and save our lovely Earth ecosystem.

In conclusion, I think that in order for us human to live up on Mars is to plant a lot of plants that could survive the extreme Mars weather.

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I & S debate trial

In I&S I learned and researched about the child labor in The UK. The task for this unit was to debate about should we support/not support child labor. I was in the support group and I did the finishing argument of my group’s debate.

Video :

Our group all dressed up nicely in suits and tie :

Brain frame of the now and then child labor :


What do you want people to know about child labor ?

Child Labor happened back in the late 1700’s and at that time children at the age of 7+ starts working. They worked in a lot of places such as textile factories, farms and a lot more places. All this work was dangerous for them because some children need to carry heavy objects. Some children needs to crawl under working machines. All this work is very dangerous for them. They need to work for a really long time. It could start from 5am and could last until 12pm. From all the hard work they did, they weren’t paid as much as they should have received. Sometimes, they didn’t even get paid which is very sad for them because they work really hard. This is also a very risky job of them and some children were crashed till death caused by the machines. That was in Britain but nowadays child labor is still continuing in a lot of developing countries and this is very dangerous and caused a lot of health disease.

Playing The Blues – Music

In music I learned about the blues. For this unit, one of the task was to play the Bass Line Challenge

Simple :

Medium :

Higher :

The notes that I first started on my left hand was C, then F and continue with G. On the right hand, I played the triads which is CEG, CFA and lastly DGB. For all chords the hard part was transitions. It was a little bit hard to change my right hand at the right time but with some practice I managed to play this chord. To improve the way of me playing this chord, I think I need a little bit more practice so that I can play this chord smoothly without stopping.

How did the Industrial Revolution changed the world?













The industrial revolution change the world in a lot of ways. One of the ways that the industrial revolution change the world is by people inventing a very good and useful machines. They start inventing things slowly and people by people start to try and improve the things. For example, back then, they use to have no machine, and one people start to invent machines and people improve them to make everything easier and better to use in life. Until now, people are still trying to improve machines and make a lot of machines better than what they have before.

What Caused the Industrial Revolution?

The cause of industrial revolution is, people took a very long time to create or do something. Agricultural production is the most important because from that, people could be fed and eat and stay healthy. People could eat fresh vegetables from the crops. Then, more people could work at the new city that was run by Arkwright because they all have enough energy to work and could survive longer. If they could work longer, more invention could be created and their life could get easier.

Rod Puppet Show Reflection

In Drama I learned about puppetry and I did a puppet show in a group. We need to plan out the script and the scene. We also need to make our own puppet using some materials. Our group chose a legend story that was originally from Japan. It is called the legend of monkey and the crab. In the puppet show we need show the moral of the story and use a different tone of voices.

Here is how my puppet looks like. I put on three chopstick at the back of the puppet, to make it long so that it easier for me to hold while I was talking. (I took off the chopstick after the presentation because it was a little bit long.)

I interest the audience by changing the intonation of my voice since I am the narrator. While I am talking, I moved my character in a up and down to show an effect that the narrator is up on the cloud.

My best skill was using the intonation of my voice because from that, I could attract the audience attention because I don’t want them to get bored. I think i can improve on my pronunciation of the words because in some parts I got stucked and don’t know how to continue the words again.

I should improve on the movements of the character because while I was talking, I realise that the character starts to get unstable. I think I could improve on that by focusing a on what I am doing. I also could probably improve that by putting a marking point on where the character should always be.

Another group which was captivating was the Hubby Chubby Gus because their all of their puppets looks really cool and their story also is really good. They also show how the character would sound like and that makes it really good. They also have a lot of good and interesting props for their character.

The Legend of Mahsuri – Drama

Main Characters in this legend :
– Mahsuri
– Wan Darus
– Deraman
– Villagers

Plot points of the legend :

– Mahsuri was a really beautiful Malay woman in a village in Langkawi.
– She was married to a man called Wan Darus. He was a warrior.
– Wan Darus left the village for a war.
– Mahsuri was left and she was a friend to Deraman.
– People in that village always saw them together and don’t feel good about it because they know that Mahsuri is really beautiful.
– People were making up rumours about things, especially the village’s chief’s wife , Wan Mahora.
– People in that village believed about those rumours and they decided to killed Mahsuri.
– They tide Mahsuri to a pole and start to stab her with a “keris”.
– She pleaded her innocence, but the villagers does not believed her.
– They keep on stabbing Mahsuri with the “keris” but she was still alive.
– Then, Mahsuri said that the only thing that will work to kill her is her families “keris”
– The villagers stabbed her with that keris and white blood starting to come out of her body which shows her innocence.
– The villagers were shocked and regret on what they did.
– Mahsuri cursed the people until the seventh generations.
– When Wan Darus came back, he was so surprised that her wife was dead.
– Wan Darus decided to leave Langkawi with his families.

– The End –

Source :

DIY TV SHOW – Reflection

7A Drama: DIY TV Program01 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In drama we learned how to show a DIY TV programme.

Here’s is the plan that we did.

In that video I think we both did a good job. We showed the steps on how to the Tie- Dye shirt clearly. I give out the instructions loud and clear and also we give some tips, history and where to buy the dye. That makes it easier for anyone who are interested in doing the the shirt. We also showed how to make that shirt step by step. That is makes it easier for people to catch up what we were showing. We were also going through the process slowly. We also talk loud and clearly. We showed some eye contact to the audience so that we could attract their attention and make the topic that we were talking interesting. It is also something that is fun to do with your friends and even family. We chose this topic because we thought that teenagers would like to do their own Tie Dye shirt.

One thing that I think I did good was showing the steps clearly.

One thing that I could improve on, would be my eye contact. When I look back at the video, I find out that sometimes I look down at the table, and not always looking at the audience.