Over and Over – Printing

I try to create something that is related to my culture which called ‘batik’. That’s why in my there is a curvy and circles all around my printing.

Photo on 4-23-15 at 8.44 AM

In this process i think that i’m quite good in rolling the paint on the plate.I think that i’m bad in carving because i think my printing doesn’t look that clean because i didn’t did well in the carving process.

I think that cultural influence and personal interest influence is important in our artwork because this is the way to make sure that we are satisfied with our artwork. For example mine is a motif of Malaysia and Malaysia is where I come from.

So here are some advices to next year’s grade 6 students. You need to find any of your country’s motif wisely so that your printing will be pretty and you will be satisfied with it. Like I said before at the first paragraph where I choose something that is related to my country’s motif which is Malaysia.You also need to carve the plate very carefully so that you won’t injured. Other reasons to carve it carefully is, so that your printing won’t look messy. It will look very neat if yo carve it carefully and neatly. You also need to create your color plannning very nicely because that’s also the reason to make your printing look much more organised.

Inquiring And Analyzing Teachers Of The Future.

We’ve been learning about inquiring and analyzing on tutorials. I’ve made some research on some tutorial.I’ve also have made a blog post on my favorite tutorial. I’ve also commented on some of my friends which is Sophie, Kalea and Maia. Something interesting to me is actually, it inspired me to make a video on tutorial because I find it interesting to share what I know to others. I’ve learned that while we’re making tutorial,we need to show that thing very specific and detailed so that,the people who watched our tutorial could understand what are we actually showing.

So,here’s my tutorial research:

And here’s my favorite tutorial:
My favorite tutorial.

And here’s my practice tutorial:

We should make tutorials because tutorials is the way that we can share our abilities such as drawing,cooking,dance and others that we have to other people who want to learn it. Tutorials solves problem for people who doesn’t know how to make such things as drawing,cooking,dances and others. So with tutorial we could watch it,learn and improve on the skills.

We need to be very specific in giving out the instruction so that people could make the exact thing we are showing. We also can describe how it will look like if its in drawing. Describe it such as make a tear dropped shaped so that it’s easier for the people to imagine how it will looks like. We also need to talk in the video so that while doing the tutorial people could understand even more when hearing us explaining on the tutorial

On my tutorial I would like to show the tutorial very detailed so that people could understand my tutorial and could follow my tutorial. I would like to put the instruction in a very bright and attractive color so that people could see and read it easily.

I would like to improve on my explanation so that it’s easier for people to understand. I enjoyed learning this lesson because I have learned so many things on doing tutorial even better so that people could follow the tutorial easily and enjoyed reading or watching my tutorial.

My Favorite Tutorial.


This was the best tutorial because she showed the most of the parts in the tutorial clearly compared to the others and her tutorial is very easy to follow.She showed what color to use to color the squishy but she did’nt show the specific type of color which is okay.She showed how to wrap the squishy’s packaging like she did.Overall I love and enjoyed watching her tutorial.

This is my second favorite tutorial because I love how she showed her tutorial.She showed most of the part clearly and I can understand it.She showed how to mix on colors to get the exact color that she’s using and the exact amount of paint.She also give some tips to wear gloves while working on the paint so that our hands did’t get dirty.The second reasons to wear the gloves is because we need to rub on the paint into the foam so that there’s no clumpy areas around the squishy.Overall I enjoyed and like watching her tutorial.