Art Critique

In this unit, we need to make and express a portrait of a person that we had know them very well. My subject is my friend. I’m trying to express her emotion and feeling associated with her. I expressed it through colors, facial expression and the setting. She is a person who loves being calm. She is also a happy person. I’m expressing it through my drawing and also the colors. My influence is Vincent Van Gogh. I like his drawing because some of them fits my subject.

I’m choosing the color that symbolizes calmness and happiness. For example, blue, green and other types of light colors. I’m using the primary, secondary, tertiary, cool, tints and also shades. In the drawing, I showed the color gradation to make the drawing looks a little bit more realistic. In order to make sure the take the attention of the viewers on the important areas, I tried to make those parts look interesting and attractive looking.

In another different pictorial elements, I express it through the settings. The settings is the mountain and rivers. She is a calming person, so I would draw her near mountains and rivers so that will also show her emotion and feelings of a calming person.

I think that the meaning of the portrait is determined by the artist because the artist needs a lot of interesting ideas to draw the portrait. The artist also needs to make the portrait easy for the viewers to understand the meaning of the portrait. That will makes it much more easier for the viewers interpretation.

Creating The Solution


We’ve been doing how to make a video tutorial. During this lesson we need to try to make the best video tutorial to make sure people who watch our video could understand and can follow what we are showing. We also need to comment 3 things that we like about their tutorial, what we’ve learned and what they could improved on 3 other 6 grade student’s tutorial and I commented on Asumi, Kalea and Maia. It is very interesting in my opinion because we can make our own video tutorial. I’ve learned many interesting thing that I can improved and I learn a lot of new things.


During the process making the video tutorial, I did all of the design specifications that i’ve listed such as explain in certain parts of the video. I tried my best to show the best video quality, for example, the video is not shaky and the lighting is quite good. I’ve make sure that my voice is loud and clear. Not too loud and not too slow, so that the people could hear what i’m saying perfectly. In the video in some parts I talked so that the people who watch my video could hear and see what i’m doing in case of they can’t catch up the words that i’ve written on. I also put instructions written on the video in some parts that I important so that people could pause and read the instructions in case of they don’t understand what i’m saying. I change quite a few things from my storyboard because while i’m making the storyboard, in some parts I forget to write the things that I need to show.


While making the video tutorial, I got many new ideas to make sure that my video is good. While i’m making the video I got so many new ideas. One of the ideas is to put “make sure to wash your hands” before start cooking.


The thing that challenged me is, it’s hard for me to find the perfect lighting, because when we’re filming in the evening or night the lighting is not that good and it’s hard to make sure in the video it won’t look dark. So, to avoid that, I need to make sure to film it in the day or morning around (10 a.m. – 3 p.m.). The other thing that challenged me is maybe my grammar. I need to make sure that I don’t make any grammar mistakes.


I think that I need to improve on my grammar, because I did some grammar mistakes in the video. So to improve that, I need to read more books and study on grammar. I want to learn more about technology and improve everything that I need to improve on, I really really enjoyed learning this unit and I enjoyed it because I learned many new things that is very fun and interesting.

Here is my tutorial survey :

Teacher’s of the future – Criterion B

Here are all of what i’ve learn in this unit.

We’ve been doing the design specifications,storyboard and timeline plan. I find it interesting because I think i’ve never make a video tutorial and now I got to learn how to make a video tutorial and show to other people my knowledge that I have. I also find out this topic is fun and interesting to learn about. It also teach me to show the tutorial detailed and make sure that the viewers to understand the video tutorial that we’re showing.

I think i’ve meet the design specifications but I think I need to work on some of them. I think that I have tried my best to make the person who watch my video to understand what i’m trying to show. I also put some tips onto the video for example i’m doing a video tutorial about cooking. So,I gave some tips to eat it with fruit cocktails to make it taste much more delicious. I put some talking in my video to make the person who watch my video to understand it. In some part I also explain how to do it. I also try to show the good video quality. I also try to talk in the video clearly,not too loud and not too slow. I also put some instructions on the screen so that the people won’t just hear my voice. They could also see my instructions that I put on the screen.

I’m hoping that my video tutorial will go well. I hope that people could understand what i’m trying to show and enjoy watching it. I hope that people won’t find out my video tutorial boring. I think that i’ve showed everything that i’ve learned from this lesson and I think that my tutorial is good. I showed every single knowledge that I have in the video. So, I think that people who know me well they maybe will know that i’m the one who making the video even though they didn’t even if they didn’t see my face in the video. I put my voice in the video so that people know that i’m the one who did the video.

I think that I need to learn on how to edit the video because editing is one of the main reason to make the video tutorial fun and meaningful for the viewers who are watching my video tutorial. I need to learn on how to find the good angle to film the video. So,to learn all of this thing, I need to work harder on this. I need to explore iMovie to edit the video to make it look interesting to people to watch my video. I also need to learn how to transfer my the video from my phone/camera to the laptop. So,to work on this I need to figure out how to transfer the video and maybe I can ask the help from my father to teach me how to transfer the video.

I want to improve on everything that i’m bad in. For example, i want to improve my vocabulary which I need to read more books so that I can make a longer details on every of work for example my reflections and many other works. I want to learn more about technology and I really love learning design because I find out it is very fun. I’m always looking forward to learn more about technology and hope to improve my technology knowledge.

And here is my design specification :

Here is my tutorial storyboard :

Lastly here is my timeline plan :