Art Critique

In this unit, we need to make and express a portrait of a person that we had know them very well. My subject is my friend. I’m trying to express her emotion and feeling associated with her. I expressed it through colors, facial expression and the setting. She is a person who loves being calm. She is also a happy person. I’m expressing it through my drawing and also the colors. My influence is Vincent Van Gogh. I like his drawing because some of them fits my subject.

I’m choosing the color that symbolizes calmness and happiness. For example, blue, green and other types of light colors. I’m using the primary, secondary, tertiary, cool, tints and also shades. In the drawing, I showed the color gradation to make the drawing looks a little bit more realistic. In order to make sure the take the attention of the viewers on the important areas, I tried to make those parts look interesting and attractive looking.

In another different pictorial elements, I express it through the settings. The settings is the mountain and rivers. She is a calming person, so I would draw her near mountains and rivers so that will also show her emotion and feelings of a calming person.

I think that the meaning of the portrait is determined by the artist because the artist needs a lot of interesting ideas to draw the portrait. The artist also needs to make the portrait easy for the viewers to understand the meaning of the portrait. That will makes it much more easier for the viewers interpretation.

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