Drama Mime reflection

The title of the mime was worst plane ride ever.

7A Drama: Mime Scene4 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

How successful was my staging of the mime scene?
I think that I did a pretty good job. 6/8

How did I use the space?
We don’t really use that much space since our location was in the plane and we don’t have to move a lot. Most of the movements was just sitting and a little bit of standing.

How did I interact with other characters?
I interact with two persons in that mime. The first person is when she accidentally spilt her drink on my new shirt because the plane was shaky and we talk to each other to settled the problems. The same person also was hearing to loud music and it distracted me because I was reading. The other person that I interact is when he opened the window shed and I started to get mad because it was sunny outside and it was too bright. I ask him to close it back. We interact with the pilot when the pilot gave his announcement for example like we are ready to take off. I think that I could improve more on that.

How was the mime believable? Not believable? Explain.
I think this mime was believable, because sometime the plane does get shaky due to the bad weather. Sometimes people were late for their flight and they rush and that happened to me in this mime. People also sometimes does mistakes that annoys people and in this mime the other passenger spilt the drink on my shirt, opened the window shed and more but in some parts it was a little to exaggerate when passenger get mad to other people because people sometimes don’t really get super mad. They actually ask the other passenger politely and nicely.

Music Unit 1 – Melody practice

Title of the music : Oh My Darling Clementine

Here is the video of me practising the music on the virtual piano that I downloaded on my i-pad :


Practice Journal Overview :
Step 1 : I download the piano app on my I-pad because I don’t have a piano at my house.
Step 2 : Then I look through that app so that I could understand the app and I could play the piano without having trouble.
Step 3 : I start practising the song that I chose which is “Clementine” using my right hand first for about 2 times. I tried to make it perfect by following the rhythm, pitch so that I could play the song nicely and smoothly and the song will be played gracefully.
Step 4 : My next weeks goal will be, trying to practice using my left hand next because on my last week’s practice, I didn’t practise using my left hand.
Step 5 : I’m also going to start of my practice by doing the finger warm up so that I could be more ready for me to practise the song that I chose. On my last week’s practise, I forgot to start my practise with the finger warm up. I could also get myself much more ready for the practice with more confident.

Week 2
Here’s the video of me practicing on the 2nd week :

Practice Journal Overview (week 2) :
Step 1 : First, I start of by doing the C fingering warm up, so that I could get myself ready to practice the music piece that I chose. I complete the first goals on my last week’s practice.
Step 2 : I start practising the song “Oh My Darling Clementine’ using my right hand first for 2 times.
Step 3 : I then practice with my left hand because on my last week’s practice, I didn’t practice with my left hand. I also completed my goals on my last week’s practice.
Step 4 : Finish!!

Video practice 2

Step 1 : I start of by doing the fingering warm up like the one that I did in my previous practice
Step 2 : I play the right hand melody first
Step 3 : I try not to look at the sheet and try to memorise it. I did the first bar by then I forgot, so I continue looking at the sheet
Step 4 : I practise using my left hand.
Step 5 : Finish

The improvements that I made was that I try to memorise the piece and the other improvements was that, when I practice the music piece that I chose in class on the piano, I did better because it is easier and bigger. That makes me control my fingering better.

Door Mime

In drama we learned how to do mime and we were given a task on how to mime a door. We need to try to open a stuck door. I was doing this with Adelyn.

Here is the video :

7A Drama: Mime Door8 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Adelyn put a table in front of the door and i’m outside. I went outside for after school. When I was trying to opened the door using a key from after school, I can’t opened it. And I called Adelyn about 3 times to ask her to opened the door because she was inside the house. And after she opened the door, I realized that she actually put a table in front of the door and that’s the reason why I can’t open the door and that is also how the door was opened.

I show the weight of the object and also where I kept it.

I think I did 6/8 and I should improve on my small details and not to forget all the small details.

One School project

Last week, on the 17th September and the 18th September, the school did this project it is called One School Project where students from 7 and 8 grade are divided into groups of 5 or 6 and need to think how could they make people in the school came together. Everybody have their own group and they need to work together with the people in that group.

My group were called Italian Pasta. There’s 5 people and in that group and we come out with an idea to do a Game Show where students in middle school, high school and also teachers could play games that needs to be completed under a minute. We decided to do that two weeks before summer break because by that time everybody were in an exciting mood and we thought we could do this event and make everybody happy. But not only happy, we could also bring everybody together. That way we could bring middle school, high school, teachers together. We’re were thinking to bring in elementary school as well but we want to try out with the middle and high school first.

Everybody were given their own task and we did it. Once we finished the with the task we practice for the presentations for like 4-5 times and after we’re done practising, we need to go to the cafeteria to do the presentation. We did the presentation in the cafeteria and once everybody are done presenting, we went to the auditorium for the awards. There’s three groups that won.

But unfortunately we didn’t won so we couldn’t make this happen. But we are happy that we get to know somebody that we never talk to before and come out with those ideas and work together in one group.

Here is our group’s logo and it was created by Sophie:

Here are the group members :
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 7.24.14 PM

Science Motion Graph

In Science, we learned how to make a graph using the motion detctor.

Here is the positive graph that we made using the motion detector :


– The way that we did that was, we first stand in front of the motion detector and we move backwards using the same speed and we came out with the graph above.

Here is the negative graph


– It is the opposite way that we did the for the positive graph. We start further from the motion detector and then we move forwards towards the motion detector and we came out with the graph above.

Here is the no correlation graph :

no correlation

– We just stayed in front of the motion detector without moving, staying still and that is what we came out with.

Here is the zig-zag graph :


– We stayed in front of the motion detector and moving in front of the motion detector in the same speed and here is what we came out with.

Lastly I have this graph that we need to try how to make it the closest than the blue line that is on the graph :

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 3.21.12 PM


Here is the closest that we get to match the graph, we start by standing still in front of the motion detector and move backwards and move forward slowly.