Door Mime

In drama we learned how to do mime and we were given a task on how to mime a door. We need to try to open a stuck door. I was doing this with Adelyn.

Here is the video :

7A Drama: Mime Door8 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Adelyn put a table in front of the door and i’m outside. I went outside for after school. When I was trying to opened the door using a key from after school, I can’t opened it. And I called Adelyn about 3 times to ask her to opened the door because she was inside the house. And after she opened the door, I realized that she actually put a table in front of the door and that’s the reason why I can’t open the door and that is also how the door was opened.

I show the weight of the object and also where I kept it.

I think I did 6/8 and I should improve on my small details and not to forget all the small details.

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