Drama Mime reflection

The title of the mime was worst plane ride ever.

7A Drama: Mime Scene4 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

How successful was my staging of the mime scene?
I think that I did a pretty good job. 6/8

How did I use the space?
We don’t really use that much space since our location was in the plane and we don’t have to move a lot. Most of the movements was just sitting and a little bit of standing.

How did I interact with other characters?
I interact with two persons in that mime. The first person is when she accidentally spilt her drink on my new shirt because the plane was shaky and we talk to each other to settled the problems. The same person also was hearing to loud music and it distracted me because I was reading. The other person that I interact is when he opened the window shed and I started to get mad because it was sunny outside and it was too bright. I ask him to close it back. We interact with the pilot when the pilot gave his announcement for example like we are ready to take off. I think that I could improve more on that.

How was the mime believable? Not believable? Explain.
I think this mime was believable, because sometime the plane does get shaky due to the bad weather. Sometimes people were late for their flight and they rush and that happened to me in this mime. People also sometimes does mistakes that annoys people and in this mime the other passenger spilt the drink on my shirt, opened the window shed and more but in some parts it was a little to exaggerate when passenger get mad to other people because people sometimes don’t really get super mad. They actually ask the other passenger politely and nicely.

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