DIY TV SHOW – Reflection

7A Drama: DIY TV Program01 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In drama we learned how to show a DIY TV programme.

Here’s is the plan that we did.

In that video I think we both did a good job. We showed the steps on how to the Tie- Dye shirt clearly. I give out the instructions loud and clear and also we give some tips, history and where to buy the dye. That makes it easier for anyone who are interested in doing the the shirt. We also showed how to make that shirt step by step. That is makes it easier for people to catch up what we were showing. We were also going through the process slowly. We also talk loud and clearly. We showed some eye contact to the audience so that we could attract their attention and make the topic that we were talking interesting. It is also something that is fun to do with your friends and even family. We chose this topic because we thought that teenagers would like to do their own Tie Dye shirt.

One thing that I think I did good was showing the steps clearly.

One thing that I could improve on, would be my eye contact. When I look back at the video, I find out that sometimes I look down at the table, and not always looking at the audience.

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