Speech Reflection

7A Drama: Speech01 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In drama we learned about speech. We need to choose a topic for a speech. The topic that I chose was fashion. We need to plan out our speech on a document.

In my speech I think that I need to slow down my pace because to me I think that I talk to fast. I think for the volume and the pitch of my voice, I did good because I speak out loud and easy to listen. For my posture, I stand up straight because during the speech we need to have a good posture so that we do not look lazy. For my gesture I sometimes do some movements showing the varieties of the thing that I am talking about. For the facial expression I look nervous. Maybe, I could work on my facial expression an try to control it. On the use of the palm card, I think that I sometimes look down at my palm card and not looking at the audience. However, I still did some eye contact to the audience. Eye contact to the audience is really important because that could make the audience interested into the topic that we are talking. For the structure of my speech, I think I did good because I make it organise on my plan sheet. When I transfer it to my plan card it looks organise and easy to read. For information, I include everything that I know and researched about fashion. I tell everything that know about fashion that possibly could tell to the audience in around 3 minutes. For my explanation, I explained it clearly so that the audience could understand what I am talking about. I include the history of fashion so that the audience could have more knowledge about fashion if they already know some.

My best skill was the information because I include everything that I know. I also tell about the parts of fashion and tells that fashion could be anything that looks stylish and something that you wear.

I should improve on my pace because I find out that I talk to fast and maybe some people would not catch up what I said.

Another speech which was captivating was :

7A Drama: Speech17 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

It was captivating because she has a lot of really good information and she has a really good example of famous celebrities. Her speech is also easy to understand because she has a really good pace and volume of her voice while she was giving the speech.

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