The Legend of Mahsuri – Drama

Main Characters in this legend :
– Mahsuri
– Wan Darus
– Deraman
– Villagers

Plot points of the legend :

– Mahsuri was a really beautiful Malay woman in a village in Langkawi.
– She was married to a man called Wan Darus. He was a warrior.
– Wan Darus left the village for a war.
– Mahsuri was left and she was a friend to Deraman.
– People in that village always saw them together and don’t feel good about it because they know that Mahsuri is really beautiful.
– People were making up rumours about things, especially the village’s chief’s wife , Wan Mahora.
– People in that village believed about those rumours and they decided to killed Mahsuri.
– They tide Mahsuri to a pole and start to stab her with a “keris”.
– She pleaded her innocence, but the villagers does not believed her.
– They keep on stabbing Mahsuri with the “keris” but she was still alive.
– Then, Mahsuri said that the only thing that will work to kill her is her families “keris”
– The villagers stabbed her with that keris and white blood starting to come out of her body which shows her innocence.
– The villagers were shocked and regret on what they did.
– Mahsuri cursed the people until the seventh generations.
– When Wan Darus came back, he was so surprised that her wife was dead.
– Wan Darus decided to leave Langkawi with his families.

– The End –

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