Nature vs. Nurture

In class, we’ve been studying the topic of nature vs. nurture. I now know and understand that nature means it is something that is in your genes and nurture is something that you are taught. For example people’s hair type is the way that it is because they mostly likely have it in their genes and that means it is nature. An example of nurture could be that someone is really good at sports because they have been trained really well and have adapted into their routine.

However, this is not always the case. Some people might have been really good at sports because they just have a really good genes that gives them the ability to do and perform well in sport. On top of that they could also be trained well by their coaches, making them perform even better in sports. So overall in this situation it could be a combination of both nature and nurture.

People have been debating about nature vs. nurture and have been studying on why people behave the way they do. For instance, Cambridge study has shown that people tend to give kids toys based of off their gender. They’ve conducted an experiment by dressing kids using clothes that is meant for the opposite gender. Then, they decided to hand in the kids to a stranger and told them that they want to see how the kids behave around strangers. What the strangers don’t know is that people are looking at what kind of toys will they give to the kids. Will it be toys based of the gender they think the kids are or will they just entertain the kids with any kind of toys and not follow the gender stereotype? The answer to that is, people give the kids toys based of off their gender. My opinion on this is that society have been fixed with the mindset that girls should be given toys that is soft, cuddly and cute where as for boys, they are given toys like cars and trucks. I feel like most people nowadays are raised in the environment where girls should stick to girly things and boys should stick to things that are meant for boys. However this doesn’t happen in all scenarios. We could now see that people is starting to break the gender stereotype. Most girls no longer stay at home all the time and most boys no longer go out and hunt. They’ve been nurtured to explore more things and not just stick to the stereotype.

Overall, I feel like we are in the period where people’s behavior is dictated by both genes and environment because we can now see that some people have the certain ability to do something because of their genes but is also supported with the environment they are in. People also like and dislike things because it is their nature but now that they are out a lot more and have the courage to explore new things, their likes and dislikes could also be influenced by the environment that they are in.

ATL video – Organization skills

On the first day of school, we were asked to make a video informing the 6 grade students about the ATL skills. We decided to make a video on the Organization skills. While doing the video, as group we all used a lot of communication and collaboration skills. By using those skills, we are able to create this video and get it done in time.

Here is the video that we’ve created :