Community Engagement

Being a part of the YIS HS CHIKU service group has taught me a lot in terms of the impact one can have on a community. From joining the group, I first learned that the aim of the group is to help serve the homeless around Kotobuki-cho, a nearby area in Yokohama. I was interested in helping because, from previous knowledge, I know that many homeless people all around the world struggle to get out of the cycle of poverty due to many reasons like income and lack of good health care. Therefore, I hope that by taking part in joining this group, the impact I can have on the community is beneficial. To do so, I strive to contribute as much as possible to give some to those in need at the Chiku center.
One of the many ways this service group has taught me the value I have in taking responsibilities is through the monthly visits our group has, which is going to the Chiku center. There, we aim to help the Chiku center serve those in need by preparing food early in the morning as well as help serve the prepared food during their lunchtime. Throughout my time joining this service group, I’ve been to 6 visits in total and was able to serve this community through the contribution I’ve made during both the morning and evening visits. During the morning visit, I would usually help them cut vegetables whilst during the evening visits I would help serve food to the people there and wash dishes. During my time there, I was able to witness the number of people who go there and usually the queue would be really long. I also get the chance to directly interact with some of the people there, listen to their stories and learn a bit more about what goes on in their lives. Listening to their stories and struggles truly opened my eyes. It helped motivate me always to do my best to help them.
Therefore, to provide some additional help on top of the monthly visits we have, I also am a part of a food drive project for the Chiku center. The project aims to help the Chiku center by collecting food donated by students. This year, my group have had at least 5 rounds of food collection and all the food collected comes from the donation of students in high school. The food collected is then delivered to the Chiku center on Wednesday evenings. Doing this helps the people at the Chiku center to have more food source and thus be able to serve more food to the people at the center. Some of the food collected are vegetables, fruits, soy sauce, rice, curry roux, etc. Some of the food like soy sauce and curry roux last longer and from this contribution, we hope that it would suffice until the next food drive.

Being a part of the food drive group, I helped created a pamphlet to help raise awareness and spread the message about the food drive we’re having to the people around the school:

Evidence of some food we collected from 1 collection: