Rod Puppet Show Reflection

In Drama I learned about puppetry and I did a puppet show in a group. We need to plan out the script and the scene. We also need to make our own puppet using some materials. Our group chose a legend story that was originally from Japan. It is called the legend of monkey and the crab. In the puppet show we need show the moral of the story and use a different tone of voices.

Here is how my puppet looks like. I put on three chopstick at the back of the puppet, to make it long so that it easier for me to hold while I was talking. (I took off the chopstick after the presentation because it was a little bit long.)

I interest the audience by changing the intonation of my voice since I am the narrator. While I am talking, I moved my character in a up and down to show an effect that the narrator is up on the cloud.

My best skill was using the intonation of my voice because from that, I could attract the audience attention because I don’t want them to get bored. I think i can improve on my pronunciation of the words because in some parts I got stucked and don’t know how to continue the words again.

I should improve on the movements of the character because while I was talking, I realise that the character starts to get unstable. I think I could improve on that by focusing a on what I am doing. I also could probably improve that by putting a marking point on where the character should always be.

Another group which was captivating was the Hubby Chubby Gus because their all of their puppets looks really cool and their story also is really good. They also show how the character would sound like and that makes it really good. They also have a lot of good and interesting props for their character.

The Legend of Mahsuri – Drama

Main Characters in this legend :
– Mahsuri
– Wan Darus
– Deraman
– Villagers

Plot points of the legend :

– Mahsuri was a really beautiful Malay woman in a village in Langkawi.
– She was married to a man called Wan Darus. He was a warrior.
– Wan Darus left the village for a war.
– Mahsuri was left and she was a friend to Deraman.
– People in that village always saw them together and don’t feel good about it because they know that Mahsuri is really beautiful.
– People were making up rumours about things, especially the village’s chief’s wife , Wan Mahora.
– People in that village believed about those rumours and they decided to killed Mahsuri.
– They tide Mahsuri to a pole and start to stab her with a “keris”.
– She pleaded her innocence, but the villagers does not believed her.
– They keep on stabbing Mahsuri with the “keris” but she was still alive.
– Then, Mahsuri said that the only thing that will work to kill her is her families “keris”
– The villagers stabbed her with that keris and white blood starting to come out of her body which shows her innocence.
– The villagers were shocked and regret on what they did.
– Mahsuri cursed the people until the seventh generations.
– When Wan Darus came back, he was so surprised that her wife was dead.
– Wan Darus decided to leave Langkawi with his families.

– The End –

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DIY TV SHOW – Reflection

7A Drama: DIY TV Program01 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In drama we learned how to show a DIY TV programme.

Here’s is the plan that we did.

In that video I think we both did a good job. We showed the steps on how to the Tie- Dye shirt clearly. I give out the instructions loud and clear and also we give some tips, history and where to buy the dye. That makes it easier for anyone who are interested in doing the the shirt. We also showed how to make that shirt step by step. That is makes it easier for people to catch up what we were showing. We were also going through the process slowly. We also talk loud and clearly. We showed some eye contact to the audience so that we could attract their attention and make the topic that we were talking interesting. It is also something that is fun to do with your friends and even family. We chose this topic because we thought that teenagers would like to do their own Tie Dye shirt.

One thing that I think I did good was showing the steps clearly.

One thing that I could improve on, would be my eye contact. When I look back at the video, I find out that sometimes I look down at the table, and not always looking at the audience.

Speech Reflection

7A Drama: Speech01 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In drama we learned about speech. We need to choose a topic for a speech. The topic that I chose was fashion. We need to plan out our speech on a document.

In my speech I think that I need to slow down my pace because to me I think that I talk to fast. I think for the volume and the pitch of my voice, I did good because I speak out loud and easy to listen. For my posture, I stand up straight because during the speech we need to have a good posture so that we do not look lazy. For my gesture I sometimes do some movements showing the varieties of the thing that I am talking about. For the facial expression I look nervous. Maybe, I could work on my facial expression an try to control it. On the use of the palm card, I think that I sometimes look down at my palm card and not looking at the audience. However, I still did some eye contact to the audience. Eye contact to the audience is really important because that could make the audience interested into the topic that we are talking. For the structure of my speech, I think I did good because I make it organise on my plan sheet. When I transfer it to my plan card it looks organise and easy to read. For information, I include everything that I know and researched about fashion. I tell everything that know about fashion that possibly could tell to the audience in around 3 minutes. For my explanation, I explained it clearly so that the audience could understand what I am talking about. I include the history of fashion so that the audience could have more knowledge about fashion if they already know some.

My best skill was the information because I include everything that I know. I also tell about the parts of fashion and tells that fashion could be anything that looks stylish and something that you wear.

I should improve on my pace because I find out that I talk to fast and maybe some people would not catch up what I said.

Another speech which was captivating was :

7A Drama: Speech17 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

It was captivating because she has a lot of really good information and she has a really good example of famous celebrities. Her speech is also easy to understand because she has a really good pace and volume of her voice while she was giving the speech.

Drama Mime reflection

The title of the mime was worst plane ride ever.

7A Drama: Mime Scene4 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

How successful was my staging of the mime scene?
I think that I did a pretty good job. 6/8

How did I use the space?
We don’t really use that much space since our location was in the plane and we don’t have to move a lot. Most of the movements was just sitting and a little bit of standing.

How did I interact with other characters?
I interact with two persons in that mime. The first person is when she accidentally spilt her drink on my new shirt because the plane was shaky and we talk to each other to settled the problems. The same person also was hearing to loud music and it distracted me because I was reading. The other person that I interact is when he opened the window shed and I started to get mad because it was sunny outside and it was too bright. I ask him to close it back. We interact with the pilot when the pilot gave his announcement for example like we are ready to take off. I think that I could improve more on that.

How was the mime believable? Not believable? Explain.
I think this mime was believable, because sometime the plane does get shaky due to the bad weather. Sometimes people were late for their flight and they rush and that happened to me in this mime. People also sometimes does mistakes that annoys people and in this mime the other passenger spilt the drink on my shirt, opened the window shed and more but in some parts it was a little to exaggerate when passenger get mad to other people because people sometimes don’t really get super mad. They actually ask the other passenger politely and nicely.

Door Mime

In drama we learned how to do mime and we were given a task on how to mime a door. We need to try to open a stuck door. I was doing this with Adelyn.

Here is the video :

7A Drama: Mime Door8 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Adelyn put a table in front of the door and i’m outside. I went outside for after school. When I was trying to opened the door using a key from after school, I can’t opened it. And I called Adelyn about 3 times to ask her to opened the door because she was inside the house. And after she opened the door, I realized that she actually put a table in front of the door and that’s the reason why I can’t open the door and that is also how the door was opened.

I show the weight of the object and also where I kept it.

I think I did 6/8 and I should improve on my small details and not to forget all the small details.