Poisons on Mars

One of the issue of living on Mars is there are poisons all around Mars. One type of poisons in Mars is the poison from the dust of the Mars surface. The dust are not suitable for humans and it is called the dry iron oxide dust. This type of dust can be found on the rust of an old car. If humans breath in the dust, it may cause suffocation. The other type of poison on Mars is the carbon dioxide. In Mars, they don’t have oxygen like how we have it here on Earth. Humans can’t survive on Mars because of the carbon dioxide produced. The air here on Earth is oxygen which is the one us humans breath in.

One way for a human to live on Mars is to wear space suit. The space suit may produce some oxygen for humans and that can keep them stay alive. Space suit may be a good option for humans if they want to live on Mars. Another solution for humans to live on Mars is to maybe have a lot of plants planted on Mars. Since the air on Mars is carbon dioxide, plants could survive up there. Plants needs carbon dioxide to stay alive and by using carbon dioxide plants can go through the process of photosynthesize. Photosynthesize is the process where plants make their own food. It is when plants uses solar to make glucose. It is also when plants uses carbon dioxide and water to make oxygen for us human to breath. On Earth, plants receive carbon dioxide from the air that humans breath out. That way we can live on Mars and maybe have a second possible place for human to live in.

Between those two solution, I think the one that could be the best for us is to plant a lot of plants that could maybe survive the extreme Mars weather or maybe plants that could survive any of the Mars situations. The reason why I think that this is the best solution is because I think this way, we could make Mars more like earth with more plants. I think that this could help with the environmental issue because now on earth, there are problems where people are cutting down too much trees to make new and improved architecture. Maybe if we plant more plants on Mars people would think twice that we need to take care of the lovely Earth nature. That way humans will stop cutting down trees and save our lovely Earth ecosystem.

In conclusion, I think that in order for us human to live up on Mars is to plant a lot of plants that could survive the extreme Mars weather.

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Conflict Minerals

From my research, there are a lot of elements and compounds that are used in our school technology, YIS.  The elements that are used in the electronic devices such as computer, ipad are Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn), Tungsten (W) and Gold (Au). Tantalum is used to store electricity in your devices. Tin is used as the solder on circuit board. Tungsten is used to make your phone vibrate. Gold is used to coat the wiring and it is the most valuable metal inside every devices. Those are all minerals. Those minerals that are used are conflict minerals which means, minerals that are used and brings conflicts to the country. In this case those minerals are the easiest to get in Congo. So, the conflict minerals that i’m going to talk about is conflict minerals in Congo. They get those minerals by mining them. The mining is control and taxed by the Congo armies. The armies trade the minerals and buy guns, bombs and things like that and could create wars. That makes it conflict minerals. After the mining is done the minerals smuggled to the neighboring countries such as Rwanda and others. Then, it smuggled out of Africa and go all the way to Asia. In Asia, those minerals are combined with other minerals making the minerals from Congo hard to be traded. Then all the minerals are sent to the company such as Apple, Samsung and others to make the electric devices that we used here in YIS. The mining process is done by the people in Congo. The issue is the safety. The reason why safety is an issue is because mining could leaves destruction such as land destruction and that is dangerous for people. Land destruction is bad because than the land would be unstable and could cause a lot of bad things. The other reason on why this is a safety issue is because the mining process is also sometimes done by kids at a young age. That would be really dangerous for them because mining requires a lot of hard work. I recommend to the school to raise awareness to Congo. For example, donate them money or maybe give them some help that we could possibly give. Let us all raise awareness, let us all help Congo.

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Science Motion Graph

In Science, we learned how to make a graph using the motion detctor.

Here is the positive graph that we made using the motion detector :


– The way that we did that was, we first stand in front of the motion detector and we move backwards using the same speed and we came out with the graph above.

Here is the negative graph


– It is the opposite way that we did the for the positive graph. We start further from the motion detector and then we move forwards towards the motion detector and we came out with the graph above.

Here is the no correlation graph :

no correlation

– We just stayed in front of the motion detector without moving, staying still and that is what we came out with.

Here is the zig-zag graph :


– We stayed in front of the motion detector and moving in front of the motion detector in the same speed and here is what we came out with.

Lastly I have this graph that we need to try how to make it the closest than the blue line that is on the graph :

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 3.21.12 PM


Here is the closest that we get to match the graph, we start by standing still in front of the motion detector and move backwards and move forward slowly.