One School project

Last week, on the 17th September and the 18th September, the school did this project it is called One School Project where students from 7 and 8 grade are divided into groups of 5 or 6 and need to think how could they make people in the school came together. Everybody have their own group and they need to work together with the people in that group.

My group were called Italian Pasta. There’s 5 people and in that group and we come out with an idea to do a Game Show where students in middle school, high school and also teachers could play games that needs to be completed under a minute. We decided to do that two weeks before summer break because by that time everybody were in an exciting mood and we thought we could do this event and make everybody happy. But not only happy, we could also bring everybody together. That way we could bring middle school, high school, teachers together. We’re were thinking to bring in elementary school as well but we want to try out with the middle and high school first.

Everybody were given their own task and we did it. Once we finished the with the task we practice for the presentations for like 4-5 times and after we’re done practising, we need to go to the cafeteria to do the presentation. We did the presentation in the cafeteria and once everybody are done presenting, we went to the auditorium for the awards. There’s three groups that won.

But unfortunately we didn’t won so we couldn’t make this happen. But we are happy that we get to know somebody that we never talk to before and come out with those ideas and work together in one group.

Here is our group’s logo and it was created by Sophie:

Here are the group members :
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 7.24.14 PM

Things that i’m looking forward

I’m really happy to start another new year of school in YIS. I’m really looking forward to do more and more amazing and cool things in YIS. I would like to try to join some clubs and do more things in school. I’m also looking forward to do some fun activities is school and have a fun year in YIS.


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