Grade 7 Portfolio


In Drama I think I have shown team work in the group project which is the DIY TV show. We plan out our script together and we both also did work in order to complete that DIY TV Show process.

Here’s the video of our DIY SHOW :

7A Drama: DIY TV Program01 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I have shown my collaboration skills in PE by coming out with ideas of dance moves with my partner. We both come out with a lot of dance moves and we chose the best ones. We also search up some dance moves on Youtube to get some ideas, then we changed it a little bit.

Link to the video of the dance :

Information Literacy

Individual and societies
I have shown that by researching a lot of things that I need for my assignment for example Empires. I use a few of good websites such as Britannica and Ducksters. I like those two websites because they have a lot of short information that I need for my assignment. Those websites are also really good because you can MLA cite them.

In English I learned about infographic and my topic was about access to water. I used a few good and reliable website to search up the information I need. I also used Britannica and Ebsco host. I really like the information from Ebsco host because it is really informative and good to put up on a poster. I also used the template from Piktochart to put all of my information together and put some pictures.

Access to water-7

In science I did some research about conflict minerals. I learned a lot from that research. In that assignment I find out about conflict minerals in Congo. Most of the minerals are used in our electronic devices such as computer, phone e.t.c. I used quite a few of websites and I need to cite them in alphabetical orders. I used Easybib to cite my sources.

Conflict Minerals


In EAL, everyday I read a book based on our levels and study quizlet. Every week I need to set a goal on how long I want to read and do Quizlet on a homework record chart. Everytime I read, we need to record how long I read and how longI did Quizlet. On every Wednesday morning, I need to ask my parents for signature to prove that I read and at school I need to show that homework record chart to the teacher.









In Art, I need to improve my timing and also improve on my art skills so that I would be able to finish my Art before or on time (due date). I also want to improve on how I do my work. I want it to look nice and does not look messy at the end.

Creative thinking

In music I need to practice for a music solo performance. I chose the music that I want to play and we need to take a video of us practicing the music piece at home. I do not have a piano at home and instead I decide to download a piano app on my iPad and practice it.

In tutor before field studies, in tutor, I need to show what i’m excited about for field studies. To show that I use an app called “phonto” and used some emojis to show what I’m excited about. I express what i’m excited about using the emojis.


In Japanese I talked by making a video of me and Ai-Viva answering a question about our birthday and phone number in Japanese language without looking at the paper. We need to memorize the words and make a video with our partner and my partner was Ai-Viva.

In Math I did the Pythagorean Triples. When I did that, I show how I got the answer by showing my mathematical works in step by step so that Ms. Kaufman would know how I get the answers.