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Nature VS Nurture

Everyone tends to have their own behaviour and ways of acting when under certain circumstances. For many years, people have been heavily arguing on if our behaviour is dictacted by our genes (nature), or by our environment (nurture). After learning about both sides of the perspectives, I personally think that both nature and nurture equally…

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Outside Of School And One Improvement

One ATL skill that I think that I need to improve on is my self management skills. This is because I think that I need to use my time more wisely when doing homework out of school. Outside of school, I do a martial arts activity called Taekwondo. In taekwondo, I think that I use…

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Thinking Skills

I think that I did well on using thinking skills for English, Math, and Art. For english, we learned about using quotations and, analyzing ads/poems. This can be used in other classes such as I&S, Design, etc. For math, I think I was able to use my critical thinking skills when doing our assessment about…

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Research Skills

I think that I did well on using research skills for Design, I&S, and Japanese. For design, I think that I was able to show information literacy skills in our Criteria A task. For our criteria A task, we needed to pick a topic and give evidence. Also, for criteria B we also needed to…

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Self-Management Skills

I think that I did well on using self-management skills for P.E and tutor. For P.E, whether it was after a project or a small match, we always needed to reflect on what we did well and areas for improvements. Also, at the end of our unit, we used all our knowledge to create a…

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Social Skills

I think that I did well on using collaboration skills during music. This is because during music class, we were working in groups to produce music. Each member in our group had different roles and my role was to play the bass. Here is a short practice scene I recorded: For science, I think I…

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Communication Skills

I think that I did well on using communication skills during drama class. This is because during drama class, we had many opportunities where we needed to act or create a scene. Every time, we needed to act out a scene, I think I that I tried my best so that the audience can clearly…

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Sierra Leone VS South Korea

The two countries that I will be comparing will be Sierra Leone, ranked 177th in the HDI and South Korea, 17th in the HDI. Life Expectancy   -Average number of years a person may be expected to live   -In life expectancy, both South Korea and Sierra Leone started at the bottom with a life…

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