Developing Ideas Reflection

What we’ve been doing so far was that we draw a picture of our blog. What I was interesting about was that we draw our picture and imagine how it is looks like on real blog. What I learned was that there are many ways to design your blog. For example, drawing is one of the way to imagine and design your blog.

I chose the themed titled “Takumi’s Gaming Blog.” I chose this one because there is lots of different types of fun activity with games. For example, video game and Outdoor game like soccer or any kinds of sports. I know I know, I also had to add my educational stuff. If I create a Potato blog, for example there is nothing that you can do with potato. I also like video games and outdoor game so I chose this Gaming Blog.

I think I need to organise with the pages of our blog and I need to change my background and header to gaming, soon. What I plant to learn is to subscribe people by creating movie and stuff but we just have to be careful with the hacking and other bad stuff.

My small goal is to keep organise my blog and not disorganized my blog ever. Right now, I don’t have any idea to improve but I want to improve in future. I really enjoyed with the embed code.

Inquiry and Analyzing Reflection

What we’ve been doing so far in Design Class is learning what makes a good blog and how to be a good blogger. For Example, first of all, you should organise your blog well such as categories, page numbers, search box and menus so readers can easily find information. I learned about design feature in blogs such as widgets, categories and menus, which will help me to organise. The last time when I made my own blog I didn’t put any of widgets, categories and menus.

I think I need my own blog to have fun and I can share the ideas immediately to readers. Also we can be popular if the blog were great. Having a blog would solve my problem of sharing information individually which takes time.  If I have a blog everyone can look at my information that I want to share immediately

I think the most important design specifications are a search box, menu and title. These 3 things that are really common that you see in the blog but I still think it is super important. For example,if you don’t have a title, the readers wouldn’t comprehend the main idea about the blog.  For the menu, you can find the topic that you want to search about. And last one search box which is  important to find the information immediately for the readers. I think the priority of the 3 main things are Title, Menu and Search box.

I already have the 3 criteria on my blog.

What I want to improve is to make some page numbers. If you don’t make the page numbers you have to scroll down all the time and find the information which takes time. It is annoying. What I want to learn more about are categories and embed codes.

Blog Brainstormplease click to enlarge image.