Insulate mean that it make something inside keep heat in or cold in. For Example your water bottle is one of the insulator.

It is depends on seasons. If it was summer you should make the room cold because it is hot outside. If it was winter you should make the room warm because it is cold outside. We can use our insulate energy anywhere inside and  that makes you comfortable. But I think it is not good idea to use too many energy so we can’t use next time when we want to use again.

I think we shouldn’t have insulation in YIS because that will cost a lot of money so I think it is bad to have a insulation in YIS. YIS has more conduction more than Insulation because YIS have air conditions for summer and winter. Summer for cool air and Winter for warm air.

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Creating the Solution Reflection

So far we’ve been doing about, how we’re going to design our blog. So we draw a picture of how the blog is going to be. I learned about making a new page. Not a post.  We also created our own blog by using a page.

I’m really happy with my blog right now because it looks cool, have a lots of fun stuff such as video games, have some youtube video and my headers is my favourite brand. But only my background is little bit different than I thought. It should said Middle School is awesome but It was too small for my background so I changed to PacMan background.

Something that I was really proud on my blog is my background because it is perfect size and perfect background for my blog.

My goal is to make my blog popular and having more subscribers! It could be a blog and it could be youtube channel to subscribe. I also want to keep having a good blog.  Right now I can’t think of what I want to improve but I improved that my blog changed a lot because before it so messy but now it got better organize than before. It is pretty hard to say but whenever I go to blog it’s going down all the time. So I want to learn about how to keep your blog on top. I enjoyed uploading a lot of video games in my blog so the person who see my blog can play a video game.