Developing Ideas : Tutorial

We have been doing so far, how should we design our own tutorial video and how to make a good tutorial. What I learned was whenever we create our own tutorial, most of the tutorial has to have a same titles and transitions.

I think my storyboard meet my design specifications because for example if I put the subtitle on my movie then whenever the person can’t hear the voice or if the talking was too fast then the subtitle will help the person who watch to read the words. Maybe like clear voice is also a good thing to do so people will understand more. If you make everything simple also that makes other people understand more too. It’s also my choice for the side by side (maybe I’m not going to use it for this project) to show which is bad or good. When I’m doing the parts that we don’t need much we can make it fast. If I want to show really important stuff than I should make it slow so people will more understand it.

My topic is about how to do a imovie effects. My topic makes a good tutorial to not rush and calm down more, talk it more clearly, don’t laugh too much or else people wouldn’t understand well and find a good place to take a film so it’s not too loud when I’m taking the film.

I think right now I don’t have anything to learn.

I think I still need to improve on, don’t be too excited while I’m doing something so then I’ll do something different or I’ll rush. What I want to learn next is how should I used the design specification during my turioal. I enjoyed on preparing the tutorial and be ready.

Here is my Tutorial Design Specifications.

Here is my Timeline plan.

And lastly here is my Story Board.