For our final short unit, we were working on our portrait painting. For each person, they had their own subject, expression, genre and others.

My subject for the painting is Koki. I was trying to express him about emotion and feeling by the pose and setting. The emotion and the feeling is that he wants to play sports.  I chose the setting as school and I chose the pose as Garfield. I made my character as a pixel art and I chose this because I think it was a cool art.

The color I chose for my painting was orange. My painting was more tertiary. I painted my character as more cartoonish. I emphasis Koki by pixel art and the rest of the drawing all are not pixel art.

I could tell the express by drawing baseball court instead of basketball court.

I think the artist and viewer are both important for because if there wasn’t any artist we will not have any picture from now and if there was no viewers then the artist might quit to draw art and it will be also no pictures.