Drama Mime Door Reflection

First my partner was trying to open the door. However I was holding on the other side of the door so he could not come in. Then he tried so many ways to open the door such as katana, bombs and his karate punch and kick but the door still wouldn’t open. When I stopped listening the music, I stopped holding on the other side of the door and he fell through. Finally, I began to laugh.

I showed the size of small earphone by moving my fore finger and my thumb together and then pretended to put them in my ears. I showed the shape of smartphone by curving my four fingers and then I curved my thumb on the other side. My palm was flat as if holding on the screen. My partner showed the weight of a lot of dynamite by bending his knees down slowly, his legs was opened wide, his arms were wide and these things are telling us that he was carrying a lots of heavy dynamite.

I think it successful because it was easy to understand what we were communicating. I know this because people were laughing at the right places. However, I want improve by not laughing during the mime.

Here is the link for the video

Silent Movie Analysis


Topic Character Analysis 1 Character Analysis 2
Identify the major Action/Gestures (+ their meanings) When the man got his letter, he began to sneak the hole. When the woman got her letter back from the man, she began to walk around. After that she began to kiss the letter.
Identify the major Facial Expressions (+ their meanings) The man’s facial expression looked wondering and little bit blushing. The woman’s facial expression looked blushing.
Identify the major Postures (+ their meanings) The man’s posture looked tired. The woman’s postures looked embarrassing
Create a Background Story based on the scene  The man’s background story was that his mother made them separated with that woman. The woman’s background story was that her father made them separated with that man.
What actions, gestures or facial expressions could you use in your mime and why?  On my opinion, I would like to have more facial expressions because his facial expression was mostly same.  On my opinion, I would like to have more facial expressions because her facial expression was only blushing.