Mime Scene Reflection

I think in our group did pretty well on staging. However I think we need to improve facing ourselves to the audience.

I think we were using our space okay because we were keep thinking about how should make our mime better every time. However, we should used more time practicing.

All of us in our group except for Se’a didn’t interact with Se’a that much because we were able to act choosing a book and fight in that space.

I interacted with Cailey, Connor and Victor a lot. However, nobody really interacted with Se’a. Only at the beginning Cailey touched her head.

The setting of our mime was believable. Also fighting over a book is believable because in the library people might want to read the same book. There was one part that was not believable. It was when Cailey was ripping the book pages. I thought that how could she rip pages from the same book for the whole time. Also, ripping the pages from the book in the library is not believable. Maybe next time, if we are doing a similar thing, we should not do that.