The Sun and Moon – Korean Folktale

4 Characters

  • Mother
  • Tiger
  • Elder Sister
  • Younger Sister


  • Outside near village in Korea
  • Mother and children’s home


Once a upon a time, a mother went back home with 2 rice cakes for her children. When she was going back to her home, the tiger jumped out from the bushes. The tiger said “Give me that rice cake or I will eat you.” The mother said “Fine but just don’t eat me.” Then, she started to walk again. She kept walking and again the same tiger jumped out from bushes again. “Give me that rice cake or I will eat you!” the tiger said. “Uh, fine! But just don’t eat me!” the mother said. She started to walk again. Mother kept walking and she saw her house but the same tiger jumped out from the bushes again. “Give me the rice or I will eat you!” the tiger said. “I don’t have any rice cakes.” the mother said. The tiger surprised, “What you don’t have any rice cakes left. Grrr. I will eat you”. “Ahh.” the mother yelled. After the tiger ate the mother, the tiger wear her clothes and to pretend to be mother. When the tiger went to the mother’s home, the tiger said, “Open! It’s mom!” Then the younger children said “What happened to your voice. It’s weird!” “No. It’s your mom. I just yelled too much and I lost my voice!” the tiger said. But the children still thought that something was wrong with their mother. So they said “Show me your hand.” The tiger show her hand with the leftover rice powder to look like their mom. “I’ll go to the kitchen to cook dinner.” So the tiger went to the kitchen. The children went to the kitchen and what they found was a tiger’s tail. The children hid to the tree and when the tiger went back to the room, the tiger didn’t find the children. “No I missed them.” The tiger also went to the tree and the tiger saw the children on tree. The Tiger went to get the axes to cut the tree. “Oh no what should we do.” the younger sister said. “We should pray to the god.” the older sister said. They prayed to god and god gave a magical rope to climb up to the heaven. Also the tiger prayed to god and the tiger tried to climb up with the magical rope but the tiger was too fat that he felt down from the rope. In heaven, god told the children to be a sun and a moon. The younger sister was the moon and the older sister was the sun. The younger sister didn’t want to be a moon so the older sister said “Do you want to switch?” Then the younger sister said, “YES”. Finally, the younger sister became the sun and a older sister became the moon.


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