Dragon Day


Designing our project was… Pretty okay and fun doing it (I wasn’t here last time) because our group was about to change the roof to better place and when I came back to school (today), I thought it was great idea too.
Reasons I liked working with my group I liked working with my group because everyone supports each other and we did our work fairly. Also, I thought it was a good chance to talk with the other people that I don’t usually talk with him/her.
ATL skills that I used well Its really hard for me to answer this question because I wasn’t here yesterday but I think I used the communication skill effectively. It is because I communicated the people that I usually don’t talk like girls.
Great moments along the way The great moments was on the second day of school (08/23) starts. I liked when we’re doing the fashion show. That was the great moments during the Dragon Day.  
One thing I learned from another group One thing I learned from one of a group is that they’re trying to have a semi Gin or services and Gin is not popular at all (sad).
Next time, I will Next time, I will try to go the first day of dragon day so I will not what will I do.
Something awesome that I contributed We did something awesome creating the video and the rap. It was fun.