Nature vs Nurture

In my opinion, the nature vs nurture debate is the debate over how people influence to the people today scientifically and culturally. For instance, during the class today (23/08/2017) we watched a short BBC clip about gender stereotype. They had an experiment of switching the gender of the toddler by changing their clothes. The researchers were checking to see what kind of toys that the volunteer would give to the toddler. The results showed, all of the adults handed out a vehicle toy such as car and truck immediately to the boy and gave a doll to the girl. This clip explained me how the environment around us including the people in that video affects how we developed from the beginning.

I think that our behaviour dictated by our genes and environment impacts us differently in various situations. For example, if you were an athlete, you may have the talent which are the genetics. However, you would also need to train which is the environment.