Wilderness Engagement

During October, Grade 9 went on hiking to Nigata. Through Tuesday to Thursday, we slept on the mountain for 3 days.

Throughout the expedition, I learned the basic skills for camping such as setting up the tent. Also, I learned how nature is very important, and being a great leader. This year’s expedition was different compared to any other years. It was survival.  It was very hard setting up the tent on the first day. The weather was terrible, the method and materials were complicated to understand.  However, my partner and I faced this challenge and on the last day, we did it smoothly. As I stated previously, I also learned that nature is important. My family doesn’t go for a hike and usually stay at home and play video games during the weekends. However, the trip taught the importance of nature and it was great experiencing these things. Finally, my most challenging thing was to communicate with the group and try to be a great leader. I say it was a great chance to take a risk to have and learn leadership.  Throughout the hiking, I have noticed that leadership can be anyone. For example, if someone was the leader of the group, but if you helped that person out such as discussion, I believe that you will also be the leader of the group. Even if you helped with a small thing, I say he or she took a risk to help the leader. Therefore, I believe that person is a leader.

I have developed my self-reliance by taking care of my body. I was responsible for taking care of my body because my partner and I slept early to prepare for next.

If I’m going for a hike next time, I will bring warmer clothes. It was very cold on the mountain and I thought I’m in the fridge.

My role in the community of the expedition and my connection with the YIS community is to keep up as being a leader of the group and taking the risk.

This experience made me think differently about the natural world. As I mentioned previously, my relationship with the natural world is that we should appreciate all the natures in the world and not always concerned about video games!

In addition, in March 2019, the sophomores went to the expedition, where we had an option to go either Nigata (English Adventure) or Philipines.  I decided to go to Nigata since all of my close friends went to Philipines. Not because I hated my friends or fought a day before the expedition. I thought that this was an ideal chance to interact with an acquaintance, especially the non-Japanese. This was tough than building a quinzee, but also contributed fun and a great experience to develop me as a person for the upcoming future as well. During the expedition, I honestly did not expect that without being with my friends will teach me something very significant that I have never gained in my life. I have realized this after we came back from the Nigata. I began to communicate more with various people in my grade which I gain this ability from the expedition.

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